The country that unites Europe and Asia, with her glorious past that lasted for centuries: Turkey. The land of many cultures, decorated with the most impressive historical ruins and monuments of these glorious ages and epochs, has been the cradle of many outstanding civilisations.

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Space Maps of Turkey by Erkan Alemdar


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AraBul (in turkish yet)

Cities, regions

Ankara : The Capital Out of Steppe

Istanbul: The Only City in the World Built on Two Continents

Izmir : A Special Glossary for a Special City

Van: The lake diminishing the fever of Nemrut

Giresun : The city which gave cherries their name by Ferhat Cakrak

Ayvalik: A town of great nature and interesting history by Cinar Gercek

Southeast: Red hot sun, still time

Ihlara Valley: Deep wall quite water


Seven Wonders of Summer

Blue Voyage - Yachting

Travel Agencies - Tours

Blue Voyage Tours and Travel

Ozkasap Tourism Travel


Turkey Hotel and Travel Agencies Guide

Hotel Guide

Insight Into Turkey


Aphrodisias : Birth place of the Goddess of Love

Ephesus : Let's Meet at The House of Mary by Belkis Balak


Turkish Theatre by Volkan Hatem

Karagoz - Turkish Shadow Theater by Vedat Guclu Diker

Turkish Cinema by Nezih Erdogan

Belly Dance!

Turkish Language

Turkish for Travellers by Michael C. Martin

Turkish Natural Language Processing Initiative Home Page

Picture Gallery

Turkey In Pictures by Ege University


Turkish Poetry Home Page by Sibel Adali (sibel@cs.umd.edu)

Turkish Music

Turkish Music by Volkan Hatem

The Turkish Music Home Page by Jaideep Ray (jaray@vizlab.rutgers.edu)

Farabi Home Page

Sezen Aksu Home Page from DOMI (in Turkish)

Digerleri: A local Turkish Band from Michigan


Scouting in Turkey


Interested in skiing? Here are the ski centers in Turkey

Mountaineering in Turkey

Soccer by Vedat Guclu Diker


Little Shop of Humor...

Turkish Cuisine

Samples from Turkish Cuisine

Turkish Cuisine by Suleyman Sahin

Turkish Cuisine by Eser Kandogan


Daily Exchange Rates by Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

This week's exchange rates by David Koblas


Weather at Ankara, now!

Weather Forecast (in degrees celcius) by Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Turkish Economy by Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Pandora Bookshop

Turkish World

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus by Y.Yasar Senturk

Turkish Republics and Communities by Süleyman Sahin and Kevin Brooks

SOTA - TURKISH WORLD PAGE Research Centre for Turkestan and Azerbaijan

Welcome to Eurasia Development Associates Homepage

Also Starring

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The Republic of Turkey Home Page

Tourism by Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

soc.culture.turkish Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ) by Egemen Metin TURAN

Pointers to Turkey Related WWW Pages Ege University, Izmir.

Turkey in Articles by Süleyman Sahin


Turkish Home Page by Omer Koker

Turkish stuff by M.Keskin

Friends of Turkey Association by Eser Kandogan

Information about Turkey by Yusuf Pisan

Turkish Homepage by A. Koksal Hocaoglu

Turkiye by S.Sadi Seferoglu

Turkey "The key" by Focus Multimedia

Turkey Home Page by Osman E. Moral

Guest stars

An Archaeological Tour of Turkey The Australian National University

Information Technology in Turkey by Ramez Ghazzaoui

For travelers

GNN Travelers' Center

Virtual Tourist

Backroads Online Traveler


Internet Services in Turkey

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