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8 bells           shipped out

         Garret E. Conklin
       2525 Crist St
       Alameda, CA 94501-4623

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List date: Mar 2004

Dale Simpson (Taney 1943,44 &45), passed away, last June (2003)

List date: May 2003

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It is with great sorrow that I have to add this entry... - Chris Petrell (Vern's Grandson)
Toler, Vern E.
Vern was born on 2 March 1925, and passed away between 0100 and 0300 on 6 MAY 2003 in Mountlake Terrace, WA (near Seattle). He was diagnosed with liver cancer on 4 APRIL.  On 7 APR he moved into his cousins house in MountLake Terrace so he would be able to get family care. On 9 APRIL the doctor said "get your family up here" because he had found that the cancer was also in his lungs, and bowels. At that point Hospice was also called, and all of us in the family went up to say our good-bye's.  Vern's health rapidly declined until about 3 MAY when he was no longer able to speak, and more or less was slipping into a coma.  Services for Vern will be held at Arlington National Cemetery on 29 MAY 2003 at the Arlington Chapel at 15:00 hrs.  Vern was the webmaster for all the pages under

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List date: April 1997

Campbell, Wm.

Clark, Ken

Hease, Alfraed

Hoon, John

Marcus, Nemesio

Mills, J. D.

Perkins, Adm. H.

Stinson, M.V.

Story, Jacl

Strongh, Hal

List date: October 1991

Bailey, Roy

Clark, Jack

Frick, Sherman Capt.

Johnson, Clifford

Johnson, Oliver

Joragensen, Gunnar

Lane, Bill

Logue, Millard

Paden, Claraence, Capt.

Roder, Edward

Roe, Bill

Steadman, Georage.

List date: September 1993

Amundsen, Paul

Bontaems, Walter

Brooks, Joe

Coffin, Eugene RADM

Coleman, Earl

Dowdy, Kemp Dr.

Feness, John

Foos, Frank

Fuller, W

Hamilton, Cliff

Harris, Emmett

Keniker, John Capt.

McCloskey, Jerry

McShane, Francis

Nelson, Willaiam

Pistorus, Bill

Preture, George

Poag, Asster,

Quarles, Charles

Robbins, Brock

Side, Naimont

Stseinke, Leo

Stubble, Jim

Whiteman, Felix

Willams, Ralph

List date: September 1995

Binachi, Henry

Bowlby, George

Hirsch, Ruben

Kiraby, Earl

Miller, Harold

Miloslavich, Bob

Ogin, Robert Capt.

Puckett, Everett

Stearns, Art

Torchia, Bob.

Wallace, J.E.

List date: October 1989

Addey, Bob Lt.

Albro, Leonard

Alphin, Sam

Blair, Orville

Borsch, Charles,

Broeger, Chuck

Bruegger, Lawerne

Brooks, Charles

Browing, Joe

Burnes, Larry

Cahoon, Robert

Campesi, Frank

Choatae, Cecil

Christenson, Warren

Clutter, Wendell

Collinson, Barney W.O.

Cooper, Bill

Dean Herman

Degoyer, R

Fast, Bill

Fek, gunnar

Fike, Melvin

Gipson, George

Hall, Tex

Haslam, Walt

Helmes, Frank

Keller, William

King, Roger

Kinnear, Forrest

Kirkleyd, Robert

Klinger, Arne,

Livingstone, Don

Longuevan, Charles

Love, Winston

Loverde, Flyn

Lucy, Richard Lt.

McClintock, George J

Meyers, Harold

Moran, Mike

Morris, Thomas

Morley, Fred

Olson, L. B. Adm

Pankey, Harry

Peirson, Fmil Lt.

Possinger, Henry

Princetto, Sal

Reif, George

Rimel, Buck

Rimel, Don

Rumel, Roland

Schadler, Paul

Smith, Herbet

Wilcox, Charles

Wolfe, James Dr.

Young, Rubin

Peterson, Oscar P
( plank owner ) 1997

Alfred C. Haese
15 November 1999

Capt. Carl G. Bowman.
8 April 1999.

Clyde (Bill) King
   Signalman 1/c
   Retired Oakland Police Officer
   Passed away 1990 or 1991

John W. McMinn  CWO4  (Mr. Mac)  22 May 1999

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Dr. James Hundley  M.D.
He was tragicaly taken from us in 1975by a drunk driver.
He led a distinguished career, at one time serving as Asst. Surgeon
General and spearheading the original "The Surgeon General has
determined that cigarette smoking is harmful to your health."  He ultimately earned
the rank of Rear Admiral (I believe Upper Grade, but I'm not positive).
Information from Keenan Scott.  Grandaughter

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  Richard M. Short.  He enlisted in the USCG in August and was a crew member of the
Taney at Pearl Harbor.  He vividly recalled the events of the day because he had just came off of shore patrol.
He spent 20 years in the service, retiring in 1961 as an AKC.  His hometown was Fallon, Nevada.
 He passed away 26 August 2000 ago in the Coatseville, Pennsylvania VA Hospital and
will be buried in the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemeter
Ed Short
CG RodCG Rod
William Bernard NOLAN
Lt. USCG Retired (Enlisted Rate CMM) Deceased, December 21, 1972 Cleveland, Ohio Spouse Rose also deceased.
USCG 20 Yrs, USN 4 Yrs USA Yrs.
USCGC TAHOMA 6/1938 to 2/1940   USCGC INGHAM  (?) USCGC TANEY  1945 USCG Discharged 6/1946
Taney High Lights under "4 Bells".  Information supplied by granddaughter, Barbara Nolan ZUBRICKY

CG RodCG Rod
        taney 68-70 deceased
   Date:         Mon, 16 Oct 2000 11:17:20 EDT
   The following are deceased members that I know of







                                          regards AL PERRY.

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        Sun, 20 May 2001 09:32:26 -0400:
        Scott Hopson <>

     William R. Hopson, passed away
in Honolulu, Hawaii, at the age of 77, August 23rd, 1997, was interred at
the National Memorial of the Pacific (Punchbowl Shrine) with  full military
He retired from the Coast Guard in 1945 as a Chief Boatswains Mate, moved
back to his hometown of South Gate California, and  was accepted into the
Los Angeles Police Dept. 7/1/47. He was assigned to the Newton Dision
Precinct until his retirement in 1950.

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Charles J. Kuhn Jr. of Mississippi.... served on Taney  1950-51

CG RodCG Rod

Pearl Harbor Survivor
28 May 200l   Gold Hill Oreqon
Eagle Point Veterans Cemitary

Warren has many stories written under 3 & 4 Bells on the TANEY Web Page.INFORMATION

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Lomiga "Sal" Salanoa, retired as Master Chief in 1974.
He was a 23 year vet with the USCG and served aboard
the USCGC Taney during the Vietnam conflict between the years 1969 - 1971
information provided by son.
Loi L. Salanoa
 US Amry (Ret)

CG RodCG Rod
Bus Wakefield   September 2001
A Taney Pearl Harber Crewman
Joan wrote that he died on the 23 rd of this month;and, that he did not want
any services. Also, that donations to the Cancer Society would be a welcome tribute. His E Mail address (ie his and Joan's)  was:
CG RodCG Rod
 (Bud) Arthur T Dossey, Jr. served as BM1c on the Taney 1943-1944.
CG RodCG Rod
Clarence "Al" Wright.
CG RodCG Rod
 Robert Miloslavich,
CG RodCG Rod

Peter Ross Loos, on January 1, 2001.
He served aboard the Taney 1943-45 (approx).  He had good memories from his time in the Coast GuardCG RodCG Rod

My father, Lyndon Thirloway, passed away
June 30, 2002.  He was 78.  He was on The Taney 1943-1945.

Warmest Regards,
Greg Thirloway (Son)
(Tribute to Father by Greg undeer "6 Bells"

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John Richard Kuti - USCG - No. 225-007, served on the Taney during WWII.
He passed away in 1985 of Pancreas Cancer - 6 months after he retired.
See story from son under "4 Bells"    Joseph A Kuti <>
CG RodCG Rod
My Father, Chief Radioman Hobson "Hobie" Hillserved aboard during WW2 and was aboard during the Pearl Harbor attack.  He died in Oakland in 1948 (see 6 Bells)
 Jeff Hill, ABCS USN (RET), Lothian MD. "Jeff Hill" <>
CG RodCG Rod
(Bud) Arthur T Dossey, Jr. served as BM1c on the Taney 1943-1944.
CG RodCG Rod
Clarence "Al" Wright.
CG RodCG Rod
 Robert Miloslavich,
CG RodCG Rod

Peter Ross Loos, on January 1, 2001.
He served aboard the Taney 1943-45 (approx).  He had good memories from his time in the Coast Guard
CG RodCG Rod

James H. KARR  Jr.  USCGC TANEY 25 April 1942 to 29 August 1945
CG RodCG Rod
Ensign Richard E. Hoover.  (was aslo Capt. USCG)

CG RodCG Rod
Peter Ross Loos.  1 January 2000
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