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USCG Band Directed by Commander Lewis J. Buckley

Photo by Vern Toler at Baltimore Maritime Museum 2000


  The standard watch on board ship was 4 hours. Beginning at midnight the ship's bell was tolled each half hour up to eight bells, then the process repeated. s\vern toler     CLICK ON THE CHAPETER BELOW THAT YOU WISH TO SEE;  THE CHAPTER'S ARE CALLED "Bells"

1 Bell: Introduction, including Sister Ships. NEXT REUNION .
2 Bells: Related Coast Guard and World History
3 Bells: Copies from publications related to the Taney.
4 Bells: Stories submitted by USCGC TANEY crewmen.
5 Bells: Pictures: "slow download, with 4 sub-sections'
6 Bells: Unclassified:  Terms used and  (Email recieved + other)
7 Bells: Sailing List   Reprints from old Taney Ship rosters.
8 Bells: Shipped out.  Memorial to deceased shipmates.


USCGC TANEY W-37 Reunion Pending

         Garret E. Conklin 
       2525 Crist St. 
       Alameda, CA 94501-4623 

or mail them to Vern Toler 12015 Marine Dr. PMB#99, 
Marysville, WA 98271-9308 

 TANEY web page, Garret Conklin is the new Web Master,  people who wish to contact Vern Toler about the TANEY Phone 360-652-3701 or e-mail me at or <> (NOTE vern_toler is connected by an underline) don't panic if ISP "armory" is down, it is operated out of a young couples home and they have to work regular jobs, they do a great job with the armory ISP.  E-mail received is copied and added to the web page.

Vern gets help from his grandson "Chris", <>  for this is update information on the Taney Reunion, from .   Thanks to Chris for the latest improvements of the Taney web page and for setting up the format used for the Taney Web pages..

USCGC TANEY W-37 Reunion, 
Next Reunion Pending watch this space for update,  if you wish to suggest a time and place please contact Garret.
A special run of high quality "zippo" lighters with Taney Picture and name, created special for the last reunion, there are a few left and they can be purachaced from Garret.
contact Garret Conklin.
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(please note if the below links don't work type in the URL remember that between taney and the numbers there is an underline     example taney_006.htm)


Garret E. Conklin
2525 Crist St
Alameda, CA 94501-4623

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       George R Blessing <>   Garret Conklin
IMPORTANT NOTICE: George Blessing,  founder of the Taney Association and Garret Conklin, Host for the 2001 reunion have volunteered to take over the USCGC  TANEY  Web Page, with the help of my grandson, Chris Petrell. I will continue to work on the Taney Page until the transition is complete. They will be a great asset in keeping the Taney page alive, as I am getting too old to maintain it properly.  Please keep sending information and check the page often for new information.
Note: Blessing lives on the East Coast and Garret lives on the West Coast,   Regional lunches are in the planning stages for Taney shipmates and other Coast Guard friends and shipmates. Thanks s/your shipmate vern_toler.

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Please feel free to copy any information on this web site and feel free to create your own web site for the USCGC Taney.  Vern Toler is at the age that he could ship out on his final cruse. "8 Bells" Addition web masters for the USCGC Taney will keep the history of our ship alive.  Please feel free to contact   George Blessing,   GarretConklin   or Vern Toler at any time.


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Pictures by George Blessing of Baltimore 2000 reunion
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