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As of 1 September 2009, HyperLink is now freeware.
You may register your copy of 2.5e with serial number 000059.
Technical support will still continue for previously paid users.

Download HyperLink 2.5e right now!
Also be sure to update your HLPP to new version 1.1.13!
Run csh installhlpp from your current install.

[HyperLink screen shot]

HyperLink 2.5e

Document Viewer and Web Browser for the Commodore 64/128

Last modify September 2009.

Welcome to the future of Commodore hypermedia: the new HyperLink 2.5e! Read hypertext documents and surf the World Wide Web right from your C64! The feature-packed upgrade to HyperLink 2.0, 2.5 and 2.5a, HyperLink 2.5e blasts your Commodore 64 onto the Internet using the HyperLink Parsing Proxy to download web pages and images to your C64! Now you can surf the Internet without a SuperCPU.

Plus, HyperLink 2.5e is as powerful offline as it is online, allowing you to build active, sophisticated electronic documents with pictures, hyperlinks and dynamic content. Construct and read electronic books, magazines, documents and more with a powerful, scalable client that pulls it all together in an improved and easy-to-use interface.


  • Tested fully compatible with SuperCPU
  • HTML-1.0 compliant web browser with simple forms support, colours and font-sizing
  • JPEG, TIFF and GIF image viewing online! (with server support)
  • WAP/WML and WBMP support for surfing the Mobile Internet!
  • Turbo232/SwiftLink support for speeds up to 57.6kbps!
  • Tested 100% compatible with the Lantronix UDS-10! Put your Commodore 64 on your home or office Ethernet LAN today -- get HLPP access with just a Telnet shell account!
  • Gopherspace support (HLPP 1.1 and higher required)
  • Faster disk access -- less wait!
  • NEW in 2.5e! Improved display and decoding routines -- faster screen draws, faster links and features!
  • NEW in 2.5e! Built-in 128 mode fastbooter -- start HyperLink in 1/3 the time with a 1571, 1581 or compatible fast serial disk drive on your 128!
  • NEW in 2.5e! Now you can configure from 128 mode as well as 64 mode!
  • NEW in 2.5e! Built-in DOS wedge at your fingertips
  • Cache support for rapidly retrieving previously viewed documents and web pages -- even supports the VDC memory in every Commodore 128! Also supports geoRAM and REUs!
  • Mouse support
  • New directives for interactive queries and search forms
  • Program launching support to enable on-disk menus!
  • Simple easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Complete on-line help and two full demonstrations

Also, watch for HyperLink-To-Go, the mini-HyperLink! HL-To-Go! is our junior offline version, perfect for launchers and runtime documentation! Watch for it behind your favourite Computer Workshops title.

HyperLink users: Check out

Floodgap HyperPlanet

-- our exclusive online portal with content specifically geared for HyperLink, including news, information, search engines, and more!
Exclusively for HL2.5-series users!

View screenshots!
See HyperLink 2.5 surfing real web sites online!

Online reference manual
Complete online reference manual for both the Free and the Registered version. Please read this document -- it includes very important information on minimum requirements and how to check your system can run HL2.5.

Download for free!
Important: be sure to note minimum system requirements for booting and for Internet access!

Writing LinkScript
Pending a full document on the length and breadth of LinkScript in version 2.5e, here is an introduction to HyperLink's markup language from HyperLink 2.0.

Unsupported user tips
We've uncovered, thanks to both users and sheer serendipity, great tips for helping your HyperLink experience become even better. (Please note that as many tips are provided by users, we cannot provide technical support for these tips'n'tricks.) Featuring: use your Unix host over null modem for faster connections, or use your Lantronix UDS-10 to connect your HyperLink-enabled Commodore 64 to your Ethernet LAN!

Make your site HL2.5-friendly
It's easy and simple -- and helps your support for other low-power browsers as well! The steps are straightforward and quick to make. Plus: put the "HyperLink friendly" logo on your site!

For technical support, please E-mail spectre@deepthought.armory.com.

Even Bill Gates believes you can surf the web with a Commodore ... sort of.

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