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Unsupported User Information

Our users are the best support of HyperLink we have -- and they always like helping other users as well!

Because many of these tips are provided by users and often we have no way of cross-checking or verifying that these steps work, technical support is not available for the below step-by-step documents. However, if you have questions, or have a tip you'd like to share, please E-mail at spectre@deepthought.armory.com.

  • LAN Support using the Lantronix UDS-10: Use this amazing and inexpensive piece of hardware to connect your HyperLink-enabled C64 to your home or office LAN, straight into your broadband conenction! Now your shell account can be anywhere you can Telnet to!

  • Null Modem Support: Speed up your HyperLink connection with a direct null modem link to your host proxy! These assume you have HLPP installed on your Unix system, and that your Unix system has Internet access.

    • Null Modem for Linux, or VICE on Linux (thanks to Gaelyne Gasson). This is particularly handy -- now you can run HyperLink on your VICE emulator, using the same Linux host, or you can connect your real Commodore!

    • Null Modem for AIX -- the OS HyperLink was developed with

    • Null Modem for NetBSD -- under revision. Please check back.

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