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Computer Workshops (Commodore 64 Software)


Use serial number 000059 to register.

Minimum system requirements: C64/128 (in 64 mode), colour monitor, at least one disk drive, and joystick/mouse. SwiftLink/T232/ACIA accelerator with Hayes-compatible modem strongly recommended for online access. HL2.5e does not support SLIP/PPP: for online access, you must have a Unix shell account and access to Perl 5.0. Please read the manual carefully!

Important! If you used the undocumented 1200bps mode of version 2.5, it is no longer supported in 2.5e and has been removed. If you require this support, download the original 2.5. No technical support is available for 2.5 users.

Starting with version 2.5e, we no longer offer HyperLink in .sda format as .d64.gz has become the overwhelmingly preferred format of our users.

Main Program

  • .d64.gz

    • Download this archive over HTTP or FTP (58K)

      Contains all files, including demo, boot and media files. In addition, the i3 encoder and decoder v2 utilities are also included.

      Convert this program back to a 1541 disk using your Commodore and gunzip-c64 (two disk drives required). Download gunzipc64.prg from our local mirror. OR: Try the one drive version! Visit The GunzipC64 home page for the most up-to-date information and help.

By downloading you agree to the restrictions in the manual and accept the limited license therein

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