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These pages are, I'm afraid, woefully out-of-date; links are not guaranteed to work, or to reflect my current whims. For a more current collection of projects 'n' stuff, please see

Here's some original work of mine, of all shapes and sizes. I'll be changing what's here periodically, or at least adding a few things as I get them properly tagged, so be warned.

Since everything here that's not a quote is mine, I give permission for people to use anything they like, as long as it's properly credited to/blamed on me. This goes for images and backgrounds as well as text. I may put together a separate page for eas y download, but for now, if you really want to use anything, grab the source code (and, if necessary, one of your better html manuals) and figure it out from there. If you still can't get what you need, but really want it in a hurry, let me know and I'll make sure you can get it.

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