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Ah, Los Angeles--land of the freaked, home of the crazed, and not incidentally the place of my birth. Yes, people do actually live here. And apart from a few blissful years in Santa Cruz, I've lived here all my life.

Early on, I developed a sort of love-hate relat ionship with the place. Sure, Andy Partridge called it a "soulless, sequined, showbiz moon." No argument from me there. But it's also wonderfully surreal, a place where movie crews crowd the side streets, wher e substance and style blend, where a little black dress can keep you full of hors d'oeuvres as long as there are cocktail parties. It's also a place of great historical and cultural richness, and I don't mean pre- and post-Brady.

So as long a s you're here, check your notions at the door, grab the cheapest sunglasses you can find, and go on a whirlwind tour of the City of Angels (with dirty faces), Rose-style...

But first, some FAQs.

Is Southern Ca lifornia really sunny and seventy degrees in December?
Lemme check... Yep. Sure is.

So, wait, you've never had a White Chirstmas?
Nope. (Besides, I'm Jewish). And before you ask, I've never made a snow angel, either, but I g et to bodysurf in the middle of January.

What's the difference between Hollywood and Los Angeles?
Hollywood is part of Los Angeles, except for the parts that aren't. Most of the visual symbols--the Hollywood sign, the Chinese theater, the corner of Sunset and Courtney--lie within L.A. proper. The Sunset Strip is mostly in West Hollywood. The really snotty clubs are in Beverly Hills, and won't tolerate being lumped in with the very real slummy parts of Hollywood.

When you get right down to it, Hollywood is a state of mind that starts in Downtown L.A. and extends north and west until people start sneering at the notion.

What's with all those KROQ stickers?
Ah, KROQ (106 .7 FM). It's not just a radio station, it's a way of life. Well, not really. What it is, is probably the most influential commerical "alternative rock" station in the country. Los Angeles also has what I figure is one of the most influential publi c stations in the country, KCRW(89.9 FM). Be sure to tune in around 11:20 on weekdays; that's when the famous and infamous play on "Morning Becomes Eclectic."

How do I get to Disneyland?
From Los Ang eles, take the 5 South to Anaheim (actually in Orange County). Get off at the first sign of giant bipedal rodents.

Where can I see celebrities?
The Trader Joe's on Hyperion in Silver Lake. If they have guests in town, though, they'l l probably be going to the same places you'll be headed.

Places to Go

Coming Soon... food, murals, public-access television, and the tackier side of the city...

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