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"... Oh, and tell Maryanne to do something about her poor posture there! If she keeps typing like that, she'll get Carpal Stuffing Syndrome for sure! ;-} ... -- Kamal Mostafa"


We are traveling the world (parts of it, anyway) for a year. Bela is continuing to work for SCO -- the ultimate tele-commute. It sure beats sitting in a traffic jam. I am playing the tourist, and dragging him along with me. I'm also writing stories of our adventures (we both are, but I have more time and inclination.) and (mis-)managing this web-page.

Bela's promised to write up an article detailing what hardware, software and tricks we're using to maintain our connection to the Net.

Our original itinerary has gone through some on-the-road revision. Unfortunately, some of the places we had originally intended to visit have turned out to be impractical for us to visit, or too politically unstable. But we've been invited to other places which tends to make up for it.

We'd all love to hear from you! If you have any questions about places we are or have been, please feel free to ask. Unfortunately, we're a bit behind right now, but we will write as soon as we can.

Also, we're sending our adventures to a mailing list as well as putting them on these web pages (Again, we're behind on both of these). If you'd like to be added to the mailing list, please email any of the above addresses.

SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA, USA (Up until 20 May 1997)

Before we set out on the Trip, we got married :) :) :) Kamal Mostafa took some photos at the celebration on 27 April 1997. Wedding Pictures

10 June 1997: Our Trip from Santa Cruz to Moscow

MOSCOW AND YAROSLAVL, RUSSIA (20 May 1997 through 17 October 1997)


9 June 1997: Getting Settled in Moscow (includes pictures)

9 June 1997: A Sample of Prices in Moscow

22 June 1997: Moscow Traffic - Not for the Faint of Heart

9 July 1997: Learning Russian

13 July 1997: No Hot Water For How Long???

23 July 1997: Miscellaneous Notes

3 Aug 1997: A Brief Guide to Moscow Shopping (includes pictures)

5 Aug 1997: A Visit to a Moscow Fabric Store (includes pictures)

21 Aug 1997: Trying to Arrange a Trip to the Country

3 Sept 1997: Travelling by Train to Yaroslavl

16 Sept 1997: Exploring the City of Yaroslavl (includes pictures)

14 Sept 1997: Three 5000-Rouble Stories (includes pictures)

29 Sept 1997: Winter Approaches

30 Sept 1997: Two Museums and a Circus (includes pictures)

16 Oct 1997: Getting Ready to Leave Moscow

3 Dec 1997: Moscow Transport (part 1 of 2) (includes pictures)

3 Dec 1997: Moscow Transport (part 2 of 2) (includes pictures)


Pictures of our new friends

Pictures of the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed

SANKT PETERBURG, RUSSIA (18 October 1997 through 31 October 1997)

18 Oct 1997: Robbed in St. Petersburg

23 Oct 1997: Too Much Adventure, Not Enough Time

28 Oct 1997: Hooray! (Perhaps)

Pictures of our new friends

11 Nov 1997: Traveling from St. Petersburg, Russia, to Helsinki, Finland

HELSINKI, FINLAND (31 October 1997 through 7 November 1997)

Pictures of our new friends

TALLIN AND KOSE, ESTONIA (7 November 1997 through 15 November 1997)

Pictures of our new friends

15 Nov 1997: Next: Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM AND ENSCHEDE, HOLLAND (15 November 1997 through 27 November 1997)

Pictures of our new friends

WATFORD AND LONDON, ENGLAND (27 November 1997 through 7 December 1997)

THE MIDLANDS OF ENGLAND (7 December 1997 through 13 December 1997)

Pictures of our new friends

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND (14 December 1997 through ?? December 1997)

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