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From: (Bela Lubkin)
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 1997 09:46:12 -0700
To: [various people]
Subject: robbed in St. Petersburg

We're in St. Petersburg now. I am writing from the Tetris Internet Cafe (thanks so much for telling us how to find it, Melissa!)

We arrived yesterday morning, trashed from a night of poor sleep on the train, and overburdened with too much luggage. Through a series of stupid mistakes which I will explain later in more detail, we were robbed of about $110 plus one of our bags, containing much of our computer accessories and software. We haven't yet tried to set up the laptop; I don't know whether the modem was in the lost bag or packed with the laptop, and I don't know whether I will have enough cables to dial out even if everything is present. :-(

In any case, we're buying a week's worth of connect time from the cafe, and hopefully we'll be fully back online by tomorrow.

Yesterday was one of the most horrible days we've ever experienced (or at least for me)... Today we're just recuperating.

More tomorrow, hopefully.


All text and pictures copyright 1997 Sandy and Bela Lubkin, all rights reserved.