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(A picture)Shura in our bathroom, trying to make our washing machine work. He was successful, and we are most grateful! :)
(A picture)Shura fixes our washer while Irene and Sandy kibbitz and Anna keeps an eye on the camera.
(A picture)Anna was almost 2 years old and very curious when this picture was taken.
(A picture)Anna, the daughter of Shura and Irene, is sleepy.
(A picture)Shura and Irene.
(A picture)Sandy and Irene inside the Tretyakovskaya Metro Station.
(A picture)Sandy and Melissa (an American working in Moscow) after a delicious Indian meal at the Darbar Restaurant.
(A picture)Our landlord, Sasha. He spoke no English and we spoke almost no Russian. We all got pretty good at pantomime. (We never thought to check whether he speaks German or French, and the apartment's library includes books in both languages...)
(A picture)Sasha and Olga took us to a Georgian restaurant, U Pirosmani. It's named for a Primitivist Georgian (?) painter, and contains much artwork.

All text and pictures copyright 1997 Sandy and Bela Lubkin, all rights reserved.