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Esther and Fred, our Estonian hosts, are unsure of the idea of a vinegar pie.
Esther, Fred, Sandy and Bela (and the shy collie, Cece, under the table.
Marko and Fred at work.

Bela and I visited several English classes in Kose. The students of all ages were curious about America. Some of them were shy about speaking English (I'm usually shy about speaking other languages, too) but spoke well.

Final year students looking at my pictures from home.
Esther and her final year students (with me in the back).
The 6th year students were learning about English Christmas customs, and asked me about American ones as well as about America in general. "Do you have snow?"
6th year class photo, more or less.
Bela and Fred at an evening English Class.

All text and pictures copyright 1997 Sandy and Bela Lubkin, all rights reserved.