For entrance formalities, see the section "Frontier Formalities". The coastline of Turkey, often green, rocky and indented with bays, coves, inlets, and a number of an cient sites near to safe mooring spots, is perfect for yachting.

Sailing in Turkish waters

Some recommendations:

If the above mentioned clauses are not respected a penalty will be applied in ac cordance with the international rules.

When to sail along the Turkish coast

In summer, the winds normally blow from the northwest to the southeast on the central and southern Aegean. This wind is commonly called the "meltem", although in some areas such as at Cesme, izmir and Kusadasi, it is called the "imbat." In the early and late summer, the "meltem" blows less strongly and there are days of little or no wind at all. Generally, the meltem will die at night and then resume the next day around midday. It can also blow day and night for days on end in the gulfs. The wind follows the coast from the west and becomes weaker towards the heads of the gulfs. Gusts are particularly violent off the north coast of the Gulf of Gokova and the Gulf of Hisaronu. The meltem also comes in a westerly direction along the Mediterranean coast as far as the Gulf of Finike.

Around the Gulf of Antalya, there are both land and sea breezes with the latter pre dominating generally from between the south and southwest. In the morning there will often be a land breeze blowing from the north. Winds in the spring and autumn are al most equally divided between north and south, but in winter, winds and gales are pre dominantly from the south.

There is a meteorological bulletin on VHF 16, and 67, in English and Turkish, for the Mediterranean and Aegean region (Bodrum, Kusadasl, Marmaris, Antalya, Finike, Alanya, Anamur, and Mersin). It is broadcast everyday at 9:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, and 21:00 hrs. Each broadcast is repeated twice at five minute intervals. For further in formation contact:

Ankara - Cevre Bakanligi, Devlet Meteoroloji Gn. Md., 06120-Kalaba. Tel: (0-312) 359-7545, Fax: 3593430.

Marinas and resorts

All ports of entry in Turkey (listed in the section "Frontier Formalities") are in a po sition to receive sailboats all year round. Supplies (food and motor fuel) are also avai lable.

Marinas provide mooring, maintenance, reparation and dry dock facilities, and tou rist, social and cultural services for yachtsmen.

The marinas of istanbul Atakoy, istanbul Kalamis, Izmir, Levent Marina, Cesme Altin Yunus, Kusadasi, Marmaris Netsel, Marmaris Albatros, Marmaris Bay Marina, Kemer Turban, Fethiye Club Marina and Antalya Setur Marina. Antalya Setur Marina, which is managed by the Tourism Bank of Turkey, as is the holiday village of Altin Yunus at Cesme, are open all year round and are fully equipped.

    Marina capacities
                                 Sea             Land
    Istanbul Atakoy              700              100
    Istanbul Kalamis             540              200
    Istanbul Fenerbahce         1250              200
    Izmir Levent                  70               60
    Cesme Altinyunus             125               70
    Kusadasi Turban              450              175
    Bodrum Turban                275                -
    Marmaris Bay Marina           50               70
    Marmaris Netsel              720              150
    Marmaris Albatros            150              350
    Gocek Club Marina            160               -
    Kemer Turban                 180              120 
    Antalya Setur                200              300
    Antalya Kaleici Turban        65                -
Facilities include connections for water and electricity.

For further information contact the local Tourist Information Offices or Turban Tu rism A.S,. (head office: Ankara/Kizilay, Karanfil Sokak, No: 32. Tel: (0-312) 4174192, Tlx: 944648 tourism tr, Fax: (0-312) 4185469 offices in the above areas.

The coastline, especially between izmir and Antalya, is much indented and compri ses numerous coves and bays which provide perfect mooring spots for sailing boats. The depths are generally from 10 to 12 m and marine charts indicate the positions of dangerous reefs.

Forbidden zones for mooring

Certain zones are forbidden for security reasons. For more information contact the local authorities through the Tourist information Offices.


Underwater diving in Turkish waters, with amateur equipment, is permitted in cer tain areas for leisure purposes under the guidance of local authorities. Detailed infor mation can be obtained from your nearest Turkish Tourist Information Office abroad.


Another of nature's gifts to Turkey are her rivers. They provide perfect conditions for canoeing, skiing and rafting. These rivers are: Coruh, Barhal, Berta, Firtina, Cola kli, Koprucay, Manavgat, Dragon, Goksu - (Silifke), Zamanti, Goksu-(Feke), Kizlilrmak, and Dalaman cayi.

This is a special opportunity for those who want to discover wild nature.


Turkish seas are a heaven for wind surf lovers. The bays around the Cesme, Bo drum and Datca peninsulas are very convenient places due to the ideal winds in those areas.

Those who are interested in this sport can enjoy themselves by renting surfs from surf clubs. Antalya is also suitable for this sport.


Tourists may fish for sporting purposes in non-prohibited regions without obtaining licenses. Amateur equipment and noncommercial, multi-hooked lines should be used, and nets should not weigh more than 5 kg. Commercial fishing by foreigners carries heavy penalties.

Details concerning fishing zones, the minimum sizes of fish that can be caught, and the numbers of fish that can be caught per person, can be obtained from the De partment of Fisheries at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. (Tarim Bakanligi, Su Urunleri Daire Baskanligi, Tel: (312) 4183278, Ankara.)


There are several locations in Turkey that provide perfect conditions for all types of wind and air sports. Included in these sports are: plane gliding, hang gliding, para chuting, and single engine flights. There are services that provide instruction courses in these sports for groups of ten people or more providing they speak the same lan guage. For more information you may contact:

Turk Hava Kurumu Genel Baskanligi Havacilik Mudurlugu: Ataturk Bulvari. No: 33, Opera-Ankara. Tel: (0-312) 310 48 40, Fax: (0-312) 310 0413, Tlx: (0607) 44270 THKb TR.


As there are numerous caves in various Region, Turkey is an ideal place for those who are interested in caving.

Caving, which is a scientific activity under the name of Speleology, brings out many different aspects of Turkey.

The most beautiful and interesting caves are located in the Toros regions, southe ast, northwest Anatolia and the Thrace.


Foreigners can only hunt in parties organized by Turkish travel agencies which have been authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. These agencies provide all information concerning seasons, authorized zones, formalities for permits, weapons, and ammunition. A list of such agencies can be obtained from The Union of Travel Agencies (TURSAB), see Useful Addresses.


One of the oldest and best ways to get away from the complexity of big cities and the stress of working life is to open up to nature. This longing has caused the rapid development of a tourism type known as nature tourism.

The general name given to walks which are done in conditions with pre determined difficulties, and which have special aspects and are limited by time for dif ferent age groups is trekking. Trekking, which requires a certain amount of effort and fitness, is a very cheap activity when compared to other tourist and sport activities.

Trekking is a very important activity with which virgin areas, mountains, plateaus, villages, cities and old civilizations of heavenly Turkey can be explored. Also trekking is one of the tourism activities which can be realized without any pollution or harm to nature.


Turkey is an ideal place for horseback riding. Love for horses has always been a part of Turkish culture. In the country's history, places like Cappadocia were named the Country of Horses. Horseback riding around Daday, Arac, Eflani, Safranbolu, Ulus and Devrek (which are near Kastamonu and Bartm) can be enjoyed along the little pathways surrounded by valleys full of orchids in spring, and large-leafed trees in au tumn. Apart from this it is possible to go horseback riding in the clubs in the big cities such as Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. Marmaris, Kemer, Cesme and Karacabey are also suitable for this purpose.


The plains of Turkey are a unique experience in themselves. The high plains are meadows with large grasslands, plenty of water resources and natural beauty. On the Taurus Mountains, Tekir and Burucek meadows will present you with sce nes from a secret heaven. The Black Sea region's plateaus have natural beauty and people there still observe the original meadow life of old. Artvin-Kafkasor, Rize-Ayder, Trabzon-Kadirga, Karadag, Erikbeli, Hidirnebi and Giresun-Kumbet, Sinop-Guzfindik ve Bozarmut-Ordu-Keyfalan- Cambasi are some of the most spectacular views in that region.


Turkey, which is situated at the meeting point of three continents, forms a bridge between the reproductive areas of birds in the north and their winter nests in the south. One of the most important stops of the birds along this route is Izmir- Cesmealti. This area was declared a natural heritage region in 1985, and this has offe red the possibility of natural and cultural activities.

"Kus Cenneti", Bird Paradise National Park, near Bandirma, is another important example where natural and cultural values coexist. This area provides different envi ronments. Bird's Heaven is a real heaven for both bird lovers and ornithologists. Im portant places where different bird types exist include: Buyuk Menderes Delta, Lake Seyfe (near Kirsehir), Sultan Marshes (near Kayseri) and Goksu Delta (near Silifke).

After discovering all those interesting activities, please have a glass of turkish wine...

WINE TASTING Anatolia is one of the first wine drinking countries in the world. Wine was drunk as a ritual blessing in around 2000 B.C. Hittite Emperors used to offer wine to the gods in order to thank them for the things they gave. Reliefs concerning these offerings can be seen at the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations. The main wine production centers are: Ankara, Goreme and Yozgat in mid Anatolia; Tekirdag, Murefte, Sarkoy, Marmara Is land and Avsa Island in the Marmara Region; Izmir, Sirince, Denizli, Guney and Sal in the Aegean Region. In Anatolia, which is the land of wine, wine is cheap and delicious.


The recreation areas licensed by the Ministry of Forestry with camping possibilities on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts are:

Camlik- 2 km. from Ayvalik.

Tavsanburnu - between Milet and Didyma, beach.

Gokova - 30 km from Mugla, on the road to Marmaris- beach.

Cubucak - 20 km from Marmaris beach.

Oludeniz- 17 km from Fethiye, on the lagoon of Oludeniz, beach.

Kidirak -18 km from Fethiye, beach.

Duzlercami -19 km from Antalya on the Korkuteli highway.

Kepezbasi - 0 km from Antalya, on the road to Burdur.

Incekum -19 km before Alanya, on the Antalya - Alanya highway, beach.

Erdemli Sahil Camligi - 2 km from Erdemli, on the Silifke - Mersin road, beach.

Karatas Kumlugu - 2 km from Karatas (near Adana), beach.

Katranci -18 km from Fethiye, on the Marmaris - Datca Road.