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Setting up HyperLink for Null Modem (AIX)

I include this document because HyperLink was tested originally through null modem to an Apple Network Server 500 (here's a 185KB image of the SX-64 and the ANS), running AIX. This should apply to any version of AIX 4 and probably AIX 5L. -- Cameron Kaiser

You will need superuser access for the following.

On HyperLink

If you don't get a prompt at all, check your cable, and that logins are enabled on that port. Verify that getty is listening to the proper TTY. And are you plugged into the correct serial adaptor?

If you get garbled characters, verify baud rate and parity/stop bit/character bit settings.

If you get some normal characters and seem to lose or garble the rest, check that flow control is set to rts (hardware). (This won't work if you're using the null modem on the Commodore user port; in that case, set the baud rate even lower on both the Commodore and AIX sides.) Flow control only affects terminal mode; HLPP has its own software flow control.