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Other changes made on 20 July 2010

A folio of my compositions, 17 Rags by Ron O'Dell, is available now!

Read all about it!           My personal ragtime history.

If you ordered some of my sheet music prior to 2010, please take note of my new address. The address on the back of the sheet music is no longer valid. The new address is listed on these pages.

Hear my music on CD!
Conversation Pieces is included on the album Skeletons by Tom Brier. This CD contains band arrangements hand-played and sequenced on a sampling keyboard. Read Jack Rummel's review!

Affinity Rag is included on the album Pianola by Tom Brier. The CD contains piano-roll arrangements of classic and contemporary ragtime.

Some of my music is available in print!
17 Rags by Ron O'Dell is a ring-bound folio with acrylic covers that sells for $20. It includes new scores for three rags, and eight titles that are not available separately, plus a score that is out of print individually. Titles included are: Affinity Rag, Bird-Bath Rag, Conversation Pieces, That Crotchety Old Rag, Fast Cat Rag, Fiancée Rag, Frivolity Rag, Greasy Spoon Rag, Infernally Unnamable Rag, Mad Scientist Rag, Priority Rag, Puppy Dog Rag, The Scorcher, Skunk in the Parlor, Spontaneity Rag, Tattle-Tale Rag, and To the Nines.

The following scores are available individually also:
A Rag-Time Hullabaloo -- a real romp
Skunk in the Parlor -- humorous and fun!
Puppy Dog Rag -- a fun ragtime march. View the first page (PDF file).
Mad Scientist Rag -- fun in minor keys with augmented and diminished chords.
Fast Cat Rag -- perhaps my most unusual rag, with some baroque keyboard elements.
To the Nines -- my novelty tribute to the year 1999. Currently out of print as a single score, but is included in the folio.
The Scorcher -- my first all-around Joplinesque rag.
Infernally Unnamable Rag -- a folk rag written in an 1899 or 1900 style.
Conversation Pieces -- a big hit in its concert debut at the 1997 Monterey Bay Ragtime Festival.
Affinity Rag -- one of my more solid rags.

They are available from me for $3 each. The folio of 17 rags, which includes eight titles never before available (and exclusive to the folio), may be purchased for $20. Send a check or money order to Ron O'Dell, 3340 Dog Leg Dr, Minden, NV 89423. Please specify which tune(s) you want. Note that I only sell my own compositions!

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"Level 1-3" refers to the approximate quality level of each arrangement. Level 3 is the best. The dates given are when a sequence was programmed.

If your browser supports javascript and frames, you can use my MIDI Jukebox window to listen to the files without having to keep your browser pointed here, and without having to continually close a MIDI player between selections. Plus, when you select a tune with lyrics, the lyrics will appear in the window automatically! If your browser is frame-capable but not javascript-capable, you can use the messier-looking but just as functional full browser version. You can resize it to be small and almost simulate the javascript version.

New sequences

That's just the new stuff! See also:
All sequences
Recently added "long-lost" sequences
Non-ragtime music only
(baroque, classical, TV themes -- whatever)
My compositions only

To see hear some stuff I've started but never finished, click here to enter the work directory.

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