While listening, head over to the ragtime forum should you care to meet ragtime fans or if you have a question about a particular tune (whether on this site or in your memory).

Sheet music is available for several of my own compositions. Ordering information and MP3s of some live performances can be found at the page of my own compositions.

I made this jukebox by mixing the ideas and scripts of several sites, each of which had something I liked but also something I disliked. No one had what I was looking for, so I put a bunch of bits together to get what I liked all around, then added a unique touch (I don't think anyone has done it before) -- to have lyrics appear when available.

Please let me know what you think of it. (There's a "Send comments" selection at the bottom of the menu you'll get.)

Most of the time, people use Java and frames unnecessarily, but this application is quite useful, I think!

Again, the dates you'll see are when I completed each MIDI sequence, and the levels refer to what level of skill was involved in making it. A Level 1 sequence will sound much worse than a Level 3.