Fido Followed Felix
by Harry Tilsley

There's a wonderful dog called Fido
He's a wonderful dog indeed.
I don't know his pedigree
I don't even know his breed;
Last night I had a wonderful dream
A dream I'll not forget,
It seems strange,
Very strange --
I dreamt that Fido and Felix met!

Fido followed Felix
Followed Felix ev'rywhere,
Up and down, 'round the town
Followed Felix to Paree,
He followed him to foreign lands
Across the sea.
A cannibal isle,
Wimmin only wear a smile!
Fido followed Felix
Never left him, I declare --
Fido followed Felix ev'rywhere!

(Repeat Refrain)

You know Felix was always walking
Looking around for fun.
But when Fido came along
Poor Felix he did run!
I dreamt that Fido followed Felix
To an hotel late one night,
There they sat,
Drinking wine,
But as soon as they both got "tight" --

(Repeat Refrain twice)

He chased him to a fact'ry
Where the girls were making blouses,
He chased him to a lovely shop
The man was selling trousers,
He chased him to a town
Where they had not built council houses,
Fido followed Felix ev'rywhere;

He chased him to a country
Where they had no elections,
He chased him into Russia
Where he called for some protection,
Fido got mixed up with Bolsheviks
And missed his connection,
Fido followed Felix ev'rywhere;

Felix went upon a house top
Fido chased for all his worth, yea,
When he got on top
Poor Fido started looking earth way,
Though he had a nasty accident
And fell upon his birthday,
Fido followed Felix ev'rywhere;

He chased him to the public baths
They didn't wait for passes,
T'was "Ladies only,"
Swimming baths were full of lovely lasses,
T'was said that both of them
Would have to wear those horn-rimmed glasses,
Fido followed Felix ev'rywhere;

He chased him to Australia
Where for gold they're always diggin',
He chased him to the North-pole
Where the land Tax's not a big-un,
He chased him to America
To Africa and Wigan,
Fido followed Felix ev'rywhere;

(Repeat Refrain)

This MIDI sequence is a rearrangement of one originally by David Gerstein, and appears here with his permission. Visit his Classic Felix the Cat Page.
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