The current web server at doesn't list the contents of raw directories (though it tries), so here's a quick index file. At least now I'll tell you what everything is.

autorace.mid -- Auto Race March by Percy Wenrich, from 1909. Just the first strain so far.

bluckrag.mid -- Beginner's Luck Rag by Takashi Hamada, from about 1989. Just the first strain so far, and not yet fleshed out. This was composed for guitar and I'm transcribing it onto piano by ear from a recording, with permission of the composer.

cstgo4.mid -- Song 4 from the opera L'Incostanza Delusa by Le Comte de Saint-Germain. Just the first few opening bars of some rare music by this most baffling of historical figures.

freakazd.mid -- Theme to "Steven Spielberg Presents Freakazoid!" by Richard Stone. Just the melody. I only made this because I wanted to learn the melody but it was such a tricky tune, I'd keep forgetting stuff as soon as I moved along, so used the MIDI program as a way to write down the notes.

hmonkeyt.mid -- A Hot Time in Monkey Town by Percy Wenrich, date unknown. Incorporates a bit of A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight. This is the introduction and the vamp before the first strain, transcribed by hand from a piano roll I own (and the only way the tune was ever published, as far as I know).

mrbean.mid -- Mister Bean music from the original episode, by Howard Goodall. This is before the choral "Ecce homo qui est faba / Vale homo qui es faba" theme made its debut. This was transcribed by ear, but never completely.

munchies.mid -- Munchies by Ron O'Dell (hey, that's me!). Some rather disconnected but interesting ideas which I hope to transform into a workable and complete piece of music someday. My original desire was to make a one-step, but these ideas are decidedly two-step in nature.

pwrhous.mid -- Powerhouse by Raymond Scott. This is being made partly by existing sheet-music transcriptions, and partly by ear (because none of the existing sheet-music transcriptions in the Raymond Scott Archives is entirely accurate), using both the 1939 recording and a bit of rehearsal tape where he slows it down a lot when teaching his clarinetist how to play the A strain. This file doesn't have any of the percussion yet except for the tick-tock in the second strain (which doesn't work right on all sound cards so I might have to find a better way to do it), and none of the pitch bending. Otherwise, it contains the entire first strain and the main part of the second strain. My idea was to make this for the web site, since the existing MIDI example of Powerhouse they have is highly stylized.

skpyslpy.mid -- Skippy & Slappy theme from Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs. No piano added yet, and the horns at the end don't work right on most sound cards. The music was transcribed by ear.

strum.mid -- An exercise I did to demonstrate how to program in syncopated tap-strums of a banjo-ukulele. There is no banjo-ukulele sound even in the GS sample set, so this uses the full-size banjo sound. Nevertheless, it gives a rather realistic sound. Each string is played in their proper order on both down-strokes and up-strokes (keeping in mind that ukulele tuning isn't progressive; the high strings are on the outside edges, with the lower strings in the middle). This is a major chord with the tap-release throwing in the sixth degree from time to time, and the strumming also varies in speed. I spent a fair amount of time trying to get the volume levels right too. Now all I need is to sit down and try to do an entire George Formby riff or something!

toytrump.mid -- The Toy Trumpet by Raymond Scott. This is just the intro and the first few bars, using my ear and the piano song version to produce it the way the Raymond Scott Quintette played it. Percussion is lacking yet except for the intro (and it doesn't do proper drum rolls, but I did put in the swing within the syncopated figure, which is very effective and natural). Also, the celesta has not been put in yet.

wip1.mid -- The first of three fragments of music I've composed recently but haven't fleshed out into whole compositions yet. The melody of this one's first strain popped into my head while at work, and was still in my head after getting out of bed the next day, so I worked out the notes. It's awfully simple, utilizing only two chords, but it's fun. The melody of the second strain just fell out of my fingers while doodling on my keyboard. These now are strains 1 and 2 of Spontaneity Rag, replacing the original strains. I haven't made a sequence with the whole tune together yet, though.

wip3.mid -- A couple strains of a march idea that came into my head recently. It might be a bit too busy, with subtle and rapid chord changes. I think my brain is thinking of an entire band for this, even though I'm writing it as a piano solo.

fosters.mid -- The basic melody line of the theme to the cartoon series Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. I just plucked it out by ear and decided to "write it down" in a way. I actually hand-played this rather than program it like I usually would do.

rdami.mid -- Theme to the sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf, done in four voices originally to be played by the Commodore Amiga. I transcribed this by ear. This includes the opening theme used only in the first two seasons of the series. There is plenty that could be done to this to improve it, but this was considered finished insofar as working with the limitation of four voices and limitations of the DMCS program I was using back in those days.