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I'm proved wrong again- how nice that both the examples I mentioned in my 
screed both have the good graces to acknowledge their debt to Joe.  

Nice to be wrong when it means that people are better than I thought.... 
maybe I need to have my medication adjusted  ;-)

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> the theory of everything guy mentioned his respect for
> joe in a pitchforkmedia article a little while back.
> http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/columns/get-that-out-of-your-mouth/05-02-25.sht
> ml
> ...
> "My hero in radio is the greatest radio artist that
> ever existed, Joe Frank. I'm barely emerging out of my
> Joe Frank clone stage," claims Walker. (It is easy to
> hear the influence, especially in the way they both
> give the ends of their sentences one last strangle
> before letting them go.) "[Frank] worked with fiction
> and exploratory topics...What he did was create a
> space where you could change the format. In other
> words, you weren't just doing the same thing every
> week. 'Here's the A section, the B section'-- he just
> mixed it up. The formatless format. To me, that's
> wonderful. I mean, why would you want any other format
> than that?"
> ...
> --- BILLMILOSZ at aol.com wrote:
> >Well, I stand corrected - Ira Glass is indeed 
> >acknowledging the influence.  
> >I am getting increasingly cynical in my old age, and
> >often assume the worst 
> >about people.... it's good to hear that Ira Glass is
> >of better character than 
> >that. 
> >>Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 23:05:21 -0800
> >From: Harold Johnson <harold.johnson at gmail.com>
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> >Subject: Re: [joe-frank-list] Joe- started an
> >industry?
> >
> >I am completely in accordance with what you're
> >saying, and many
> >artists have, in fact, acknowledged Joe Frank's
> >influence, I wish
> >they'd do it more often.  There's an audio recording
> >you can listen to
> >at JoeFrank.com which includes both David Sedaris
> >and Ira Glass
> >detailing their admiration for Joe's work; it's
> >currently at the
> >following location, on the left of the page:
> >
> >http://www.joefrank.com/air.html
> >
> >Scroll down the page to find the link.  You can also
> >find the same
> >audio on the following page, but you'll have to
> >scroll down farther:
> >
> >http://www.joefrank.com/shows.html
> >
> >Harold J. Johnson
> >http://audioblogs.info
> >
> >On Sun, 27 Mar 2005 01:30:22 EST, BILLMILOSZ at aol.com
> ><BILLMILOSZ at aol.com> wrote:
> >>I just heard a radio program called "Theory of
> >Everything" - a docutainment
> >>magazine format, interviews and discussion of a
> >certain topic.  But the
> >>production style had the looped music, not quite
> >as dark as Joe's, but
> >>definitely that same production technique
> >pioneered by Joe of the looped
> >>music with a certain "feel" forming an audio
> >counterpoint to the spoken
> >>part.  This is something Ira Glass picked up when
> >he interned with Joe Frank
> >>and then built into the very popular PRI /Public
> >Radio offering "This
> >>American Life"  and now this same technique is
> >being used in "Theory of
> >>Everything"- a loop that sets the mood and which
> >swells up for emphasis when
> >>there is a pause in the story.
> >> 
> >> And while this audio production archetype is now
> >so pervasive that it might
> >>seem like it occurred "naturally" or is an
> >"obvious method"- the truth is
> >>this is something Joe developed, ha ha, hope he
> >can collect roylaties from
> >>these Johnny-come-latelies. Or maybe the Third
> >Coast people were
> >>acknowledging this when they gave Joe that
> >Lifetime Achievement award.  (I
> >>hope that there was a check that came along with
> >that award, but I bet there
> >>wasn't. Most people in Public Radio are starving. 
> >The average production
> >>drudge in an NPR affiliate making documentaries
> >gets paid minimum wage -or
> >>less, if the station can get away with paying by
> >the piece rather than
> >>hiring staff by the hour.)
> >> 
> >> Actually, I WOULD like to hear Ira Glass
> >acknowledge his debt to Joe. Glass
> >>tried a lot of different formulas on the radio -
> >including a self indulgent
> >>program called The Wild Room which seemingly had
> >no actual content- before
> >>he scored with This American Life, a program which
> >is COMPLETELY beholden to
> >>Joe for it's "look and feel". Ira has even been
> >known to use some of the
> >>exact same music to loop as Joe....
> >> 
> >> Don't get me wrong, I like This American Life,
> >I've heard some interesting
> >>stuff.  I also liked what I heard so far of
> >Benjamin Walker's "Theory of
> >>Everything" (except the announcer's stop-and-start
> >vocal pacing which also
> >>has kind of breathy whine in it-  very annoying)
> >but these guys owe A LOT to
> >>Joe and they should acknowledge it.  
> >> 
> >> Yeah, right- as if some artists is EVER going to
> >acknowledge that their
> >>work isn't only about them and their own
> >incredible genius..... 
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