Chris and Rhonda's Cross Country Road Trip

As so often happens , times change. This is now an old outdated page. Rhonda and I are no longer together. However still, the trip was kinda fun, and we did alot of work to make this page happen, so I am gonna leave it here for now. We still talk as well, so its not like its all bad...
Any text you read that is linked from here, is outdated info.. keep that in mind..

Hello world! This page is dedicated to my girlfriend Rhonda, who has changed my life! Together, we will be building this web page on a day to day basis starting around April 15 1999.. TAX DAY!!! This is when our whole road trip adventure will start.

  • The Story of how is started
  • Changing plans...
  • The Trip
  • Packing and loading / Day one.. The road...
  • Day two - NY SUCKS!!!!
  • Day Three...Niagara Falls
  • Day four - Chicago PIZZA!
  • Day five - sleep...
  • Day six
  • Day seven
  • Day eight
  • Day nine
  • Day ten
  • Day eleven
  • MY move....
  • The new place....

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