Hello! and welcome to Chris Petrell's intro page!

Some quickie links....
  • Pets! - They really help keep ones life stable!!
  • My Pepsi machine! - I recently picked up a mid 60's pepsi machine
  • Traveling / Road trips.. - I love to drive
  • 4th of July 2001 - A road trip I took, and discovered how beautiful Yellowstone is
  • Motorcycles - I don't ride right now, but I have ridden alot in the past. 
  • Opel GT - I started a web page long ago, and now there are tons of web pages!
  • Burningman - Some images for my many years attending the event with Fusion Valley , working on PlayaNet a wireless network for Burningman. 
  • An Article on a project I am part of from Wired.com
  • My latest project... - Building an electric cart!
  • ELWire - Cool stuff, its wire that when voltage is applied, it glows like neon.
  • My Resume - Due to a downturn in the AeroSpace industry (SSL), I ended up moving to Nevada for work. I tend to wander back to the bay area very
    often though, as its pretty damn boring where I live.
  • My Wish List - A bunch of my other friends do this so what the heck. Its a list of things I want to get at some point in time.
  • Where have I been in the US?
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What do I look like?  I'm the guy in this pic.. The women are sisters/mom..
Or find me online, via chat.. I am tazameir on AOL, and Yahoo, and ICQ #10178979 
I invite you to not be a stranger, and to say hello!

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