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Let's meet where the Colours meet

Maybe people wonder and they would like to ask who i am ? ... hmmm I dont know how to answer you ! In fact, to be honest at first I have planned not to write anything about myself. But as time passes that came me good idea to give some info about who Suleyman Sahin is. I think as time passes , I will add some more now it is 10:25 pm, April 20 in Turkey, and i am making new homepage , there willbe some changing maybe when it is compared to old one :) .anyway , let know who is Suleyman Sahin
It was lovely day morning ,about 4-5 am on
July 4,1972. The crying sound was reflected in the coridors of hospital.


Some was crying so loudly, there was the smiles on the faces of people . The room was lighted, everone was looking at that boy and smiling. They seemed to be happy It was then my own story started As time passes , some people called me as real crazy , then only i smiled as i do today also. and only I show my ID card and tell then to look at where I was born ! which hospital.

Who am I now ? hmm now only u can see some pictures which shows me from different ages .  Maybe when time passes i will add more info . sometimes u can check to this page and if you are lucky you will continue to read the story /8=)

Let's make the World better

We shouldnt have to forget that We borrow the world from the coming generations not from past

As many people have some hobies , i have also :) . but many friends call my hobby as so strange. I am the crazy of collecting Phonecards. I do that since 1990. Also since my childhood I keep some Turkish coins and banknotes a s hobby.

Well to be honest, one of my aim is to inform you all my friends about my country, Türkiye ( sure you most of know only it with the name , Turkey ). As time passes also as long as I can find the articles about Turkey I will put here and let you my all friends to read. Yasar Senturk sent me first articles and He encouraged me to start that work.He prepared the North Cyprus Home Pages that is one of the great pages you can see. Whatever u would like to learn about North Cyprus, lets l eave our prejudment aside and lets meet together where the peace we can build

hmmm maybe you can wonder why I do that ? when I came to the Cyberworld of Internet then I saw that we people know many thing wrong and we are getting wrong information . I have thought that we people should have to find and get the true informations and so i started to build these pages . if I can help you all my friend I will feel so happy myself .

When Turkey is mentioned in the words , that remindmany things us .One of them is Turkish Cuisine which is one of the richest one in the world.Also Ottoman Empire will be remembered when you talk about Turkey if some history of Middle East, Europe are known. Ottomans built many building in their cities. These exciting Ottoman Cities have bee n visited by many foreigners who admired them.

Until now many poems have been born in that society, they wrote the poet in many subjects, religion, nature, the relations in the society... etc. Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi is of the great scholars in Islam and he is so well-known even in West.

in Turkey , there are many newspapers, magazines, TVs, radios here you can reach some of them which are on Internet also.

Turkey is one of the country where you can find the fanatic football fans. but dont forget that we are not Holigans . Let's visit Turkish Football Teams Homepages, in last years the teams are becoming the nightmare of European Football Teams. in June 1996, Turkish National Football Team will join the European Cup. until a few years ago no one care them but now they started to fear. Because It is going to become one of the best football team in the Europe, we hope :)
After ex-USSR collapsed, many Turkic States was born again. now when you look at the world-map, you will see Turkish Republics and Communities are on the stra tegic regions. Our only aim is to server the World Peace to be able to improve it.

Let's works for Human-Being to be able to make The World better to be able to live on it. Dont Forget we borrow everything from our sons,
daughters; not from previous generations Let's make people happy


Süleyman Sahin
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