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The Nether Alpha demo is out of date!

(Last modified August 2001.)

We have decided to develop Nether to use our G2 system instead of the G1 architecture it runs right now. (Details on the main page.) Thanks for all the input you have provided. It is totally appreciated!

For those who still wish to play G1, we will still make it available for download. Original text follows:

(Oiriginal text as of 6/1/97)


We desperately need your input from Nether alpha to determine its future. It's vital that after you play the demo, please mail us and tell us your opinions. Be sure to include:

- what you liked: ... were the graphics good? Say so! If you liked the music, let us know about it! Etc.

- what you didn't: ... too slow? Maybe you didn't like the graphics? Tell us.

- FIRST IMPORTANT QUESTION! Should we delay Nether until the next generation engine is completed? The next generation engine will be much smoother and more flexible, but it is months and months away from completion. Or you can stick with the current engine, which is jerkier, but on the other side of the coin we probably can have beta within a month or two. So wait for it, or put Nether out now? Your call!

- SECOND IMPORTANT QUESTION! WOULD YOU BUY THIS GAME? Sure, it has a little ways to go, but except for some tweaking you're playing the game as we expect to ship it. BE HONEST: WOULD YOU BUY IT? Don't be afraid to tell us you wouldn't ... but if you do, please tell us why!

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please give us a hand!

Send it all, NEW bug reports and surveys, to:


Download Nether Alpha
Download it in Lynx format. You'll need Lynx to dearchive it.

Nether Instructions (in HTML)
Print them out or something.

Known Bugs In Nether
This lists all the known bugs in Nether and their fixibility statuses. Please tell us of all bugs you find that ARE NOT ON THAT LIST.

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