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How to Play


After delynxing, do LOAD"CWI",8,1. Nether has a fastloader in it, so I recommend only running it on a 1541 or 1571 drive. 1581s and HDs probably won't be able to boot it.

There have been some complaints that a tone sounds during loading. It goes away when it finishes. I can't replicate this bug but it doesn't look like it hurts anything.


Nether works with the joystick just like in DOOM: forward and back move you forwards and backwards in the level; right and left rotate you 90 degrees. Fire fires your infrared pistol.

Your energy is given as a grey bar on the left of the screen. Energy is both exhausted by pistol fire and alien attack. When something is being repelled by the energy suit, the border flashes red.

The Nether Environment

LIGHTS: Lights are your friends. They illuminate and enhance areas that would otherwise be darker and duller. Unfortunately, they were weakened by the asteroid, so their effects are only intermittent.

SWITCHES: Switches are the way you manipulate a level, to open secrets or doors to other parts of a level. Walk up to them and press space. Inactive switches show a red light and active switches show green. Switches have lights that fortunately are more reliable than the bigger white lights.

Types of switches: recharge switches recharge the energy bar (located near red cross on white background tiles); upgrade switches temporarily increase the power of your infrared pistol (located near lightning bolt tiles) and exit switches remove you from a level (near red EXIT signs). If none of these tiles or signs appear, the switch must do something else more subtle. Secret doors or opening areas, anyone?

MONSTERS: Shoot them and disintegrate them. Alternatively, run past them like a chicken.

What makes these monsters tough is they can teleport anywhere: right in front of you, behind you, around the corner. Listen for their sounds. There's four types in Nether alpha:

The Automap

Nether does have an automap that you can look at by pressing M. Note that the automap can be deceptive: it tracks your steps, but depending on what the switches in the level have done, you might not be able to go back.

Cheat Codes

Like any good 3D game, there are positively no ways you can cheat. Don't you believe us?