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Computer Workshops (Commodore 64 Software)


This is intended only for users who cannot use 2.5e. There is no technical support for this version. Please read the manual carefully!

Select format:
  • .d64.gz (recommended)

    • Download this archive over HTTP or FTP (46K)

      Contains all files, including demo, boot and media files.

      Convert this program back to a 1541 disk using your Commodore and gunzip-c64 (two disk drives required). Download gunzipc64.prg from our local mirror or visit The GunzipC64 home page for the most up-to-date version.

  • .sda (These files are self-extracting. To dissolve files, LOAD and RUN them with a blank disk in drive 8. Windows users may need to right-click and select Save Link As ... to properly download these files.)

    • Bootstrap -- You must download both these files!

      hl25bsp1.sda: Download over HTTP or FTP (20K)
      hl25bsp2.sda: Download over HTTP or FTP (28K)

      Contains bootfiles and online help. Does not contain demos.

    • Demo Files -- Optional. For demos to function, however, both files must be downloaded.

      hl25dem1.sda: Download over HTTP or FTP (27K)
      hl25dem2.sda: Download over HTTP or FTP (27K)

      Contains files for the two demonstrations. If you download one, you must download the other file. Optional, but demonstrations will not be available without these files.

By downloading you agree to the restrictions in the manual and accept the limited license therein

Free Tools

  • i3 image display utility (i3display.prg): download over HTTP or FTP (1K)
  • i3 image encoder utility (i3encoder.prg): download over HTTP or FTP (1K)

    These utilities allow you to display and convert files to HyperLink's Interleaved Indexed Image format. For information on i3 images, refer to the documentation.

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