The South Bay Game Club

Meets one Saturday a month.

For details, please visit the Yahoo! group we started to handle all of our correspondence and web presence.

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Updated Aug 27, 2006
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New web site.

This web site has served us well, but is now being abandoned. We've moved our web and email administration to a Yahoo! group called SouthBayGameClub. We've set the Yahoo group up so that you can get all the important information about the club events and discussions without having to become a member of SouthBayGameClub.

Starting up again.

Thanks to Bill McHugh, the SBGC now has a place to play, at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Saratoga.

If you have a gaming club or a group you'd like to play with and you're just looking for a place to play, mail the webmaster and see if there's space for you. We're looking for new members, and it would be a real bonus to get a whole group of interested gamers.

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Last Updated December 3, 2007

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