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2006 Club Meetings

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January 14

11:00 AM Aerodrome 1.1 by Chris Roberts. Come join the veteran squadron of the Historical Miniature Game Club of Sunnyvale Middle School as they sponsor a morning in the air. South Bay Game Club members have come to Sunnyvale to teach and encourage kids playing games. This is their turn to give a little back. These high school and college (yes it has been that long) students are all experienced pilots but that shouldn't stop you from putting a few shots into their tail feathers. We look forward to seeing you.
12:00 PM Bentonville - "Last Stand in the Carolinas" March 1865 by Richard Henkus. At a small plantation near Bentonville, Joseph E. Johnston and what is left of the Army of the Tenessee, along with Hoke's North Carolinians fresh from R.E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginnia, plan a trap to destroy Sherman's advancing XIC and XX Corps. A 15mm American Civil War game using Fire and Fury rules. 4 hours, 2 to 4 players.
5:00 PM The Napoleonic Wars by Ix Nichols. The GMT boardgame that covers the whole of the Napoleonic Wars in one sitting. A great game, and very engrossing. Up to 5 players.

February 11

This year our meeting coincided once again with The Shield historical miniatures gaming convention, and since we're all historical miniatures gamers in this club, we met there.

March 11

11:00 AM Normans vs. Vikings by Bob Burke, Doug Lange, and Chris Salander. Another Tactica playtest by the gang.
6:00 PM Friedrich by Chris Salander. Try out the big new color Seven Year's War board game from Germany. Russia, Austria, France, Bavaria and Sweden try to bring down Prussia and Hanover, who are backed up by Britain. Hidden army strengths, random political events. 18th century map and cards.

April 8

11:00 AM The Battle for Belleau Wood, 1918 by Chris Salander. As the Germans pressed on towards Paris, the American command threw into the front line the only experienced troops they had, including the U.S. Marines. The first sergeant to reach the area encountered a retreating Frenchman who encouraged him to do the same. His reply? "Retreat, Hell! We just got here." Later, General Ludendorff said of the US Marines: "I would rate them as Stormtroopers." This game will be played using the rules Contemptible Little Armies, with variable movement and ranged fire, and 20mm figures. If there is enough time and interest, the game will include both the US attack and the German counter attack.
3:00 PM Ceresole, 1544 by Eric Lindberg. A 15mm Renaissance Tactica scenario for the last battle of the Italian Wars, between France and Spain. The battle saw the introduction of modern tactics, including integrated pike and shot formations, as well as the last appearance of older formations in Italy, including French lancers and Swiss pike. This is a playtest of a KublaCon SF game.

May 13

11:00 AM Days of Knights Rides Again Curtis Wright (AKA half of ChipCo) returns from self-imposed exile to host a Hundred Years War game using the ChipCo rules "Days of Knights". At that time you can talk to Curtis about the soon-to-be-released Early Medieval and Dark Ages expansion to DoK. Well known for their ability to represent full metal lancers riding down hapless peasants, the DoK rules will consider such issues as shieldwalls, burning churches, and that constant problem, "Where did you park the longboat?" Scale: 15mm
3:00 PM Sortie from Ferrol In 1797 Spain sides with France in its war against Britain. In early 1800 a British squadron stages a landing to try and seize the northern Spanish port of Ferrol and compromise the Spanish ships moored there. The raid fails, but this scenario envisions that the Spanish discover their cahones and the larger and more heavily armed Spanish squadron sails out to drive off the British squadron. Will the vaqueros de la mare blast the limeys to oblivion, or will it be adios to the cream of the Spanish fleet? Scale: 1/1200 Rules: "74" Chris Salander

June 10

11:00 AM Stoke Field by Curtis Wright. A game of Days of Knights depicting the last battle of the Wars of the Roses.
12:00 PM Grudge Wars. by Gary Price. This will be a refresh-your-memory and polish-your-skills trial game as we prepare to kick off a new Warhammer Fantasy campaign. Grudge Wars (also known as Porridge Wars) will be an easy-play campaign in which Warhammer Dwarf armies do battle to settle once and for all the best way to prepare porridge, either Hot, Cold, or Nine Days Old. No tedious bookkeeping, although keeping a Book of Grudges is strongly recommended. Participants will not be required to appear for every game -- the goal is to have fun with dwarven armies, not enforce mandatory behavior. If you'd like to participate, regularly or just when the mood strikes you, drop by for a chat. In the end, there can be only one -- one way to prepare porridge, that is.
12:00 PM Vistula Bridgehead, 1944 by Richard Henkus. Soviet Tank Corps seeks to protect river crossing and execute break-out towards key road junctions. Elements of a German Panzer will attempt to contain the break-out and and re-take the river crossing. A 15mm Division/corps level game for 2-3 players, using Richard's computer-assisted rules Active Armor, about 4 hours long.

July 8

11:30 AM Aerodrome II by Lawrence Goslinowski. Beta version of Mr. Stan Kubiak's Aerodrome off shoot for WW2. Learn basic mechanics of the game, be rewarded by shooting your enemies or your friends, aircraft will be provided. Scale 1:144. Participants, please bring your enthusiasm!
12:00 PM Encounter Battle at the Spielplatzgrund by Stan Kubiak. Remember Napoleonics? Forgotten how to play In The Grand Manner? Here's a chance for a bit of a light refresher. French and Prussian forces - primarily infantry, possibly a little artillery and (maybe, only maybe) some light cavalry - meet in an encounter battle while debouching into a smallish valley more or less at random. Is that the Prussians? No, it's Grouchy. Or is it? 25mm Napoleonics; In The Grand Manner rules; all figures supplied by gamemaster. Minimum 2, maximum 6+ players, we'll see what we can do.
12:00 PM Fire and Fury by Ix Nichols. The boys in blue mix it up with the guys in gray, in a surprise American Civil War scenario. Any number of players welcome, everything provided (in 15mm scale). Wear a hat of the appropriate color/style and receive a generalship bonus (you'll have to bring your own hat).
1:00 PM Days of Knights by Curtis Wright. Probably a Hundred Years War scenario.
6:00 PM The Napoleonic Wars by Ix Nichols. This is the card-driven, strategic board game by GMT that covers the whole of the Napoleonic Wars from beginning to end. It typically takes 2-4 hours to play to completion, and supports 2-5 players. The game will be taught if you don't know how (or just forgot how) to play.

August 12

Since Paradox Playground suddenly closed, this meeting was at Game Kastle in Santa Clara.

11:00 AM Vitebsk: Someone Say Luftwaffe? 1944 by Manny Granillo. On the hard fought eastern front lines lies a town that has seen more than its share of fighting: Vitebsk. Holding this seemingly indefensible sector are some of Herman Goering's finest...or so it would seem. A couple of Luftwaffe Field Divisions have been given the task to hold! Well... they will try... A WWII odyssey expressed in 20mm using Manny's own Panzer Korps rules, for up to 5 players.
11:00 AM Ceresole, 1544 by Eric Lindberg. A 15mm Tactica game for 2-6 players depicting the last battle of the Italian Wars, between France and Spain in the 16th century.

September 30

Once again, we met in the gaming room of Game Kastle in Santa Clara.

Scheduling Policy

If you'd like to submit a game, you can mail it to the webmaster. Please include a brief description of the game, a start time, and the size/number of 4' x 4' tables required. If you don't specify a time, the game will be scheduled at either 12:00 PM (noon) or 6:00 PM (whichever the scheduler considers more convenient), and the default table size is 4' x 8'. You may include downloadable files with your game description if you like.

As a matter of policy, the club does not post contact information for individual members on the Web site. If you wish to have an e-mail address or phone number listed with your event, you will have to make the request explicitly each time you offer a game. Also, if you want a favorite link added to the web site, provide the URL and a brief explanation of why the link might be of interest.

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11:30 AM Hundred Years War by Chris Salander. Will the French knights run down the invasive English, or will the Longbow be a Weapon of Mass Destruction? Come find out. Tactica II Playtest. 15mm Figures provided. 6 players max.