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Updated April 10, 2005

The South Bay Game Club provides these links "as is" -- we don't make any guarantees or what have you. It's just that club members either run these sites, or have found them to be useful.

Site Description
Bay Area Wargamers Yahoo Group A Yahoo Group set up by Matt Valentgas for SF Bay Area Wargamers to use.
Convention Links Some links to conventions that our members care about.
HMGS East The group that runs the three big East Coast conventions: Historicon, Fall-In and Cold Wars
The East Bay Area Generals (EBAG) A gaming group in the East San Francisco Bay area.
Miniature Service Center Doug Carrocio's on-line retail store
Bob Bergman's game site Bob Bergman's game site
Ronin Craftworks Burt Takeuchi's painting service
Flagship Games Game rules and figures for historical, fantasy and science fiction wargamers
Chipco Games Days of Knights, Age of Gunpowder, Le Petite Empereur, Fantasy Rules
Game Table Online A commercial gaming resource site that was kind enough to link to this site.
Aerodrome The WWI Air Combat Game
Silicon Valley Boardgamers Silicon Valley Boardgamers
The Last Square A really nice hobby store in Madison, WI, that does excellent mail-order buisiness, and now handles all of Regal Hobbies mail-order business as well.
Active Armor The site for the computer-assisited WWII miniatures rules (division/corps level) written by our former member Arofan Gregory. Includes a free demo version of the game.
Ix's Home Page The web site of our current webmaster
Bob McDonald's Hobby Stuff The web site of our first webmaster

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