PIC Programmer for PIC16C84 and 24Cxx.

This Programmer is powered by the RS-232 and it works with RS-232 levels at only < ±7V.

The high Vpp is obtained by using the negative voltage to drive the chip. The voltage is stabilized with zener diodes. This makes it possible to use extra low input voltage. Transistor driver guarantee output level > ±3V.
The Programmer supports In Circuit Serial Programming.

The Programmer programs PIC16C84 and 24C16 EEPROM's etc.

EEPROM adapter for this programmer. (Supports Automatic Switch Function and LC types.)
Connection to ISO-CARD with Automatic EEPROM Switch.
How to use the programmer with In Circuit Serial Programming.

Download utilities, PGM84V28.ZIP (25K).
Download utilities, PICUTIL3.ZIP (46K).
Download PIP-02 beta driver, JDM84V31.ZIP (5K).
Works with windows too.



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