Which programmer to choose?

If you only need to program PIC16C84, and if you own a 5V power supply, then try the one resistor programmer: The programmer do not use any transistors. It is smart for prototyping. It also works perfect for ISP, but remember the power resistor. Only one resistor and a 9/25 pol DSUB makes it easy to add update facilities of systems with PIC16C8X by using PC serial port.

It work on most computers (not all - some old comport/ printer adapter did not work with it). But it may not be able to program e.g. PIC12C508.

Another programmer is the ultra lowcost for PIC16C84:

Ultra lowcost programmer is RS232 powered, and works on more RS232 cards.
But it is not intended for In Circuit or system programming. ("easypic" is.)

A safe programmer to program cards, and 24Cxx eeproms and PIC16C84 is

This programmer is very roboust, and need lower voltage on TxD etc. than the newpic.htm version. It is not designed for 12C508, but sometimes it will succeed.

The 'all pic' programmer at http://www.ebar.dtu.dk/~c888600/newpic.htm may need external power. Look at: http://www.ebar.dtu.dk/~c888600/solution.htm to see how to add the battery. Please remember the current limmiting resistor, and to remove power after use.

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