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[Disengagement EP]The Disengagement EP

Released: 1992

The Disengagement EP marked not only the first release from Low Pop Suicide, but the first release from Dave Allen's newly formed World Domination record label. This EP features Dave Allen, formerly of the Gang of Four, Shriekback, and the short-lived King Swamp, on bass, Rick Boston on guitar and vocals, and industrial drummer Jeff Ward, formerly of Ministry and Nine Inch Nails.
Also included here is the promotional card announcing EP's release.

[OtCoC]On The Cross Of Commerce

Released: 1993

Shortly following the Disengagement EP's release came Low Pop Suicide's first full-length album, On The Cross Of Commerce. The lineup was relatively the same, but also featured additional vocals by Jeff Ward on "Kiss Your Lips" and "My Way", and Chrissie Scheft on "Here We Go", and additional bass guitar by Cynthia Coulter on "Crush". The one major change was the replacement of Melle Steagal as drummer, although all drums on OtCoC were recorded by Jeff Ward.

[Kiss Your Lips Promo]Kiss Your Lips Promo

Released: 1993

This promotional disc has contains the album version of Kiss Your Lips, a remix of the same song, and Hey You, also present on the European CD-Single of KYL (see below).

[My Way Promo]My Way Promo

Released: 1993

Another promotional-only release, this disc contains three versions of My Way and the previously unreleased song Hunger Smiles.

[Kiss Your Lips]Kiss Your Lips

Released: 1994

The video that Beavis and Butthead loved, although perhaps not for any of its real merits. This single was released in Europe only, containing the b-sides "Hey You" (a song that shares some of the same lyrics and moods as "Your God Can't Feel My Pain" on OtCoC) and a remix of "My Way".

[DoE Promo]The Death of Excellence Promo

Released: 1994

This pre-release promotional version of DoE comes in a white box with the regular album cover on the front. Inside are a series of black and white picture cards, the same images that appear in the CD insert of the commercial release. The CD itself is in a cardboard sleeve. The tracks are the same, except that this version lacks the hidden "More Than This" reprise at the end.

[Death of Excellence]The Death Of Excellence

Released: 1994

The Death Of Excellence marked a dramatic new direction for Low Pop Suicide, both musically and personally. Following the death of Jeff Ward, Melle Steagal took up a more permanent position in the roster. Bass duties were also handed over to Mark Leonard by the departed Dave Allen, who went on to form the Elastic Purejoy and, of course, run the record label. Additional musical support was provided by Brian Keats (drums and percussion), Tony Ruiz (bass), Scott Petersen (drums), Jerry Angel (drums), John Nau (piano), Natalie Wood (guitars), Jessy (vocals and violin), and Dave Carpenter and John Ferraro (listed only as "the No Genius Unit"). Stepping away from the mostly guitar-driven rock of OtCoC, the Death of Excellence explores varying musical genres and moods with experimental styles and introspective lyrics.

[Suicide Ego Promo]Suicide Ego Radio Promo

Released: 1995

Sent out primarily to college radio stations shortly after the relase of The Death of Excellence, this disc contains a radio edit of Suicide Ego (4:27). There are no real differences between this and the album track.

[Life and Death Promo]Life and Death Radio Promo

Released: 1995

This promotional disc contains a radio edit of Life and Death (3:56). There are no noticable differences between this cut and the album version.

[Unzipped--inside][Unzipped--back]The Unzipped EP

Released: 1995

The Unzipped EP was an acoustic effort from Low Pop Suicide, featuring only Rick Boston (voice, guitar, percussion, foot stamp) and Jessy (violin, voice). It features reworked Death of Excellence songs "Humbled", "Zombie", "Life and Death", "Suicide Ego" , and "Bless My Body", along with "It's Easy", originally from On the Cross of Commerce, and two new songs, "Protection" (vocals by Jessy) and "Cult of Love".

[Harvest Sampler] The Crash Baptists--"One By One"
The Harvest Sampler

Released: 1995

This promotional disc contains four tracks also found on The Harvest Soundtrack, and one previously unreleased Rick Boston song.

[The Harvest]The Harvest Soundtrack

Released: 1996

This soundtrack reunited former Low Pop Suicide partners Dave Allen and Rick Boston, who collaborated to write and perform much of the music for the project, under the name "The Crash Baptists". Under that banner, Rick performs a duet with ex Go-Go's singer Belinda Carlisle, entitled "One By One". The album also contains a shortened version of "All in Death is Sweet" (originally from On the Cross of Commerce), and a previously unreleased Low Pop Suicide song entitled "I Want You Alive", which would ultimately prove to be the last song released under the LPS moniker.

[IPR/Worlddom]What is Low?

Released: 1997

This song appears on a joint IPR/World Domination promotional disc, released in early 1997, and is credited to Low Pop Suicde, with the note "From the forthcoming album". Seeing as how this came out long after the announced dissolvement of Low Pop Suicide, this caused some confusion. This section contains the information previously part of The Rumor Mill.

Other Releases

[Mixed Up]Mixed Up--The World Domination Tour CD

Released: 1992

This Worlddom promotional disc features songs and remixes from the bands Shriekback, Sky Cries Mary, and Low Pop Suicide. The album version of "Crush" (from the Disengagement EP and On the Cross of Commerce) appears on this disc, along with a remix of Turn of the Screw (from the Disengagement EP). The remix is credited to both the bands Contagion and Low Pop Suicide.

Miscellaneous notes:

On the 1994 self-titled Elastic Purejoy release, Rick Boston provides some extra guitar and bass work. The liner notes contain the informative phrase "Rick Boston is Low Pop Suicide", which did, I suppose, help to narrow things down after all of the roster changes. Rick has also worked in a similar capacity on some of Dave Allen's other works, and also helped to produce Dave's "Clutter of Pop" release.

Rick Boston contributed a couple of short tracks to the Worlddom ambient electronic project Into Topological Space as "White Girl".

Rick plays guitar on and helped produce Rickie Lee Jones' recent album "Ghostyhead" and also appeared as a part of her band during the tour supporting this album.

Rick Boston


Released: 1996

Gone is Low Pop Suicide, and with this album Rick sets out as a solo artist.
Numb is essentially the official release of the Unzipped EP.

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