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[the IPR/Worlddom promo disc]
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Track 9)What Is Low?
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The following text previously appeared in the Rumor Mill section of these pages:

Is Low Pop Suicide gone or not?...and just what *is* Rick up to these days?

If you've ever ordered items directly from World Domination, then you know that they throw in the occasional promotional tape or CD sampler. In my last order was an IPR/Worlddom sampler, and on the disc was a track labeled:

     9) Low Pop Suicide - What Is Low? (DEMO)
        (from the forthcoming album)

So besides the fact that there's a new song on the disc credited to Low Pop Suicide, but it indicates that a new album is in the works!

But, wait, didn't Rick dissolve the band? Isn't he off being a solo artist now?
I e-mailed Worlddom guru and all around helpful guy Dave Allen and asked what the story was behind this, if in fact Low Pop Suicide was back in existence, or if this was some sort of mistake.
Dave's response:

   You know, Rick bounces from pillar to post so it's hard to say what he'll
   do next!

So I guess this means "we'll see".

Later news:
I one of my correspondances with Worlddom promotions wizard Corinne, I asked her what the recent status of this was. Because of my annoying hard drive crash, I've lost the original message but the general gist of it was,

     No, Rick will not be performing under the name Low Pop Suicide again.

Okay, well, so I guess we can live with that, as long as Rick keeps putting out the music that we so enjoy. So I asked her later about any upcoming releases from Rick. The news you probably won't like:

     For now there aren't any more rick releases scheduled -
     he's kinda off doing other things

"Any hints?" I next asked--the response:

     Sorry to keep being secretive-- Rick is in Rickie Lee Jones band-- and of
     course has recorded with her- i believe the album comes out very soon (this

So, looks like Rick won't be coming out with any albums soon. Remember that he's an awesome guitarist and bassist in his own right, so be sure to check out some of his other musical works to tide you over...

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