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This page doubles as a Photo Gallery and listing of customizations made to Jackals owned by contributors to this site. To contribute a photo and information about your Jackal, please e-mail me at (I'll be happy to accept submissions by regular mail if you prefer - I can scan and return your photos).

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Kev Maher's 2000 Jackal of Pennsylvania

Kev's Jackal has:
Kev is currently working on a Buell Turn Signal conversion; he's holding off on the installation until he can afford a Kisan Signal Minder, too, so he can have running lights.

Bruce Lammers' Jackal

Here's another shot of Bruce's bike. The upgrades Bruce has made include:

Dan Puzi's 2000 Jackal of St. Paul, MN

Dan's Jackal has progressed a long way since I first saw it at the 2003 Mo-Kan Rally. Dan says, "I have entered into a few local bike shows and placed. It was a popular machine at the South Dakota National Guzzi Rally. Customizations keep changing on this, but the accustomed Guzzi eye will spot most of the obvious changes from stock. I do the work myself, and it's my daily rider and trip rider, so it is kind of slow going and experimental. This thing usually generates a few smiles in a crowd." Some of Dan's modifications include: The saddlebag supports, luggage rack, red paint, plate bracket, and black exhaust all all custom by "Moto Puzi." With over 63,000 miles on the clock, Dan obviously isn't spending all his time in the garage!

Chris Galardi's 2000 Jackal from Omaha, NE

Chris likes to call this bike his Jackal EV, as it is set up with tubeless spoked rims and the linked braking set-up from an EV. He also has: "It runs like a top and pulls like a train. It's an awesome bike and a joy to ride."

Heather Reynolds 2000 Silver Jackal of the UK

Heather has been riding her great Jackal for 18 months as of October 2004. Her bike has some aftermarket parts fitted, all of them supplied by Paul at Motomecca in the U.K. : In the future, Heather would like to add: National Cycle hard panniers if she can find some, Givi 755 screen, LaFranconi mufflers, K&N airbox and filter modification, PowerCommander III.

Steve Saady's 2000 Jackal in Richmond, VA

Steve has customized his Jackal to his liking: Things Steve still plans to do:

Mark's 2001 Jackal in Erie, PA

Mike Welsh's 2000 Jackal

At over 38,500 miles, Mike's black Jackal has everything he needs for comfortable two-up travel, including:

Chuck's 2000 Jackal Hack in Indiana

Chuck picked up this Jackal in a wrecking yard with just 600 miles on it. The damage was cosmetic, so he fixed it up and road it solo for about a year. Then, he bought a damaged hack with all the bells and whistles on eBay. With the new paint still curing on the joined "wrecks," Chuck and Dorcia set off on a long-planned journey on Route 66, covering about 5500 miles!

Pat Manning's 2001 Black Jackal

Pat has made several customizations to his black Jackal including: Pat also has a couple of extra goodies on order: Rifle lowers and a stainless h-pipe.

Micky Trammell's 2000 Jackal in Satellite Beach, FL

Micky has had the following customizations done on his Jackal: Check out the rear view to see the custom plate, luggage rack, etc.

Mike Olson's 2000 Jackal of Saint Paul, MN

Nick's Silver 2001 Silver Jackal (Silvia)

Nick on The EthNick

The EthNick rose from a former wrecked Jackal, inspired by beer and built mostly by Mark at Moto Guzzi Classics & Nick. Note the short shocks, more extreme rake, and low seat height.

Jay William's Jackal at the Mo-Kan Rally (2003)

Mike Meives' 2001 Jackal

Mike customized his flat black Jackal to make it more convenient:

Rob Agin's 2000 Jackal of Rhoadesville, Virginia

Rob's glossy black Jackal has 14,000 miles on it and has run great ever since he purchased it in March 2000. It runs even better since the installation of a Power Commander. This great Jackal has had the following modifications: Don't forget to check out that specialty license plate!

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