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This page doubles as a Photo Gallery and listing of customizations made to Stones owned by contributors to this site. To contribute a photo and information about your Stone, please e-mail me at (I'll be happy to accept submissions by regular mail if you prefer - I can scan and return your photos).

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Marina's 2002 Stone of El Cerrito, CA

I have made a few customizations to my bike. Primarily, I have added: In the future, I might add engine guards and perhaps a PowerCommander, when I can afford it.

Giuliano Arcinotti's 2003 red Stone of Italy- pic coming soon!

Giuliano's bike currently has: He's currently looking for a more comfortable seat for himself and his wife! You can talk to Giuliano online at the Guzzi forum of Italy:

Tor Mala's 2002 Stone of Bergen, Norway

This shot of Mala's bike was taken outside the city of Vardoe, in the very northeast of Norway. Mala calls his bike Trille, which translates to "rolling" in English. Together they have crossed the Alps twice to visit Italy (2002 and 2003) -- the roads in the Alps are great! They've also been to the North Cape. This summer, they off to Northern Norway again. So far, Trille has about 35,000 km (that's 22,000 miles) on the clock! Recently, Mala has been riding a rented Harley in the Grand Canyon, but he dreams of doing the Rockies on a Guzzi! Trille has: In the future, Mala would like to add:

Sheldon Aubut's improved 2002 Stone Metal of Minnesota

Remember Sheldon's hack's old look?

Sheldon has decided to keep the Stone hack and has continued to make modifications. For the current details, check out Sheldon's updated site.

Todd Eagan's 2002 Stone of California

Matt Christenson sold this bobbed Stone to Todd recently. Among the modifications Matt made prior to the sale are:

Mario's 2001 Stone in England

Mario says his Stone has been a dream, with no real problems so far. "It really is the best bike to just enjoy riding - it's relaxing and powerful. I like the weight; it's rock solid and I am quite able to move it about." Mario has added::

David's Stone Metal Chrome of Australia

This photo was taken in central Victoria at the site of the first flight of an Autralian-built aircraft in 1910. David has since added crash bars and a center stand. The sport screen works great for him. David says, "What an engine - once it gets over 100kmh it just wants to go!"

Tobbe's 2002 Stone of Helsingborg Sweden

Tobbe bought his Stone on from Wolfsburg, Germany. The first owner had only ridden it 500 km, so it was really brand new! It now has over 10,000 km (~6,000 miles) on it. Aside from the lousy engine paint, Tobbe is very happy with the bike. He's made the following customizations: In the future, Tobbe plans to add an open H-pipe and modified airbox for a little more sound, maybe Lafranconi mufflers (if he can find them), Centauro handlebars (he's not a cruiser kind of person), and crashbars.

Laura's 2003 Stone Metal from Detroit, MI

Laura's gorgeous Stone Metal is the only Guzzi in the pack when she goes out with the Free Spirit Chapter of Women on Wheels in Detroit. Laura has got her bike just about the way she wants it, with:

Rodger's 2003 Stone of San Jose, CA

Rodger is the second owner of this beautiful Stone and has put on more than 3000 miles since June 2004, including during a recent trip to Cambria, CA. The previous owner, Robert of Huntington Beach, CA, had a Sargent's rebuild done for the seat and upgraded to Progressive Suspension shocks. Rodger has added:

Danny Clark's 2002 Stone of Essie, KY

Danny's got his Stone set up pretty well with:

Sandy's 2003 Stone from Naperville, IL

Sandy was presented with this shiny red Stone for a "Milestone Birthday"! Don't you wish you were so lucky? It's decked out for touring with:

Maurits van Linder's Stone Chrome of The Netherlands

Maurits says that Stones, and especially the Stone Metals, are as rare to spot in Europe as they are here in the US. He has made a few customizations to date, including:

Andy's 2004 Stone Touring in Burnaby, Canada

Check out Andy's webpage for more photos and updates on his Stone.

Tim Scholl's 2003 Stone Hack of Ohio

Tim just reincarnated his glossy grey Stone as a hack! Check out his website for more information.

Jim Connelly's Sidecar Rig

As reported in the MGNOC Newsletter, Jim lost his left leg after a motorcycle collision with a deer. In order to keep riding, he had this beautiful rig built using a Stone.

Steve's 2004 Stone in Chandler, AZ

Steve's new Stone is a glossy dark charcoal in color with a gold stripe on the tank.

Ed Spence's Stone Chrome at the Mo-Kan Rally (2003)

Kelly with Aaron Holland's Stone Chrome at the Mo-Kan Rally (2003)

Larry Vaughn's Stone Hack at the Mo-Kan Rally (2003)

Jeff Brannen's Stone

Jeff is planning to add a second brake caliper, custom tailight, and different turn signals over the winter. Thus far he has made the following modifications to his Stone:

Alex Guichard's Stone of Clermont-Ferrand, France

Alex says this is the "best mile eating bike" he's ever owned, compared to his Yamaha SEco II, 1979 K3 Goldwing, and 1978 R100RS. He says of the Stone: "Handles great, brakes like hell, and is nice to look at."

So far Alex has made the following customizations. He also plans to get some Italian handmade saddlebags and a new rear fender (probably a ducktail to accent the muscle car looks of the Orange Stone.)

Sam Frank's 2002 Stone Sober of PA

Sam's Stone was customized by Johnny Monaco in Franklin, PA; it's called the Stone Sober. Sam also has a 1973 Eldorado. Modifications to the Stone Sober include:

Lew's 2002 Stone of Texas

Lew's bike was customized by Moto Guzzi Classics. Check out his bike from the front, middle and rear. Modifications include: Lew says, "I was going to chop it to a 31 degrees rake, yet did not want to cut the frame; I am going to do it with a custom machined triple tree (still working on that)."

Pete Denzer's 2003 Stone Touring of Sleepy Hollow, WV

Jim Robson's 2002 Stone of Frankfort, IL

This great looking white Stone has had the following modifications:

Ted Ewert's 2002 Stone of Mill Valley, CA

Ted painted his Stone burgandy and has made a few enhancements so far:

Tom Huff's 2002 Stone Metal from Chardon, OH

Tom bought his Stone Metal from Uncommonmotorcycles in Erie, PA in October of 2002. You can read more about his Stone at his website.

Hal Walker's 2003 Stone of California

If you like glossy, you're going to love Hal's shiny black bike. Clearly, Hal couldn't be more pleased than after this ride to work on his beautiful Stone. Hal has added:

Chris Galardi traded this 2003 Stone Metal and now has a Silver Jackal

Chris had both the Classic Shield and the Touring Shield on this Stone . Chris also used soft saddlebags and a tail bag from Other additions included:

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