What's the idea behind these pages?
wherein i try to justify my wacky web presence

I've been a geek forever now, and I wanted to be able to use that in a pseudo-creative way. And i'm an artist, designer, photographer, and Weirdo-At-Large. How better to show that all off than by getting on the web? And, as you may or may not have noticed, lots of really inane people have webpages, so why not me?
Yes. Definitely. I'd even go so far as to call it self-indulgent. But then, where's the crime in that? The great thing about the World Wide Web is that it provides anyone with the energy, patience, computer literacy and time a forum to do pretty much whatever they want to do. It allows people to express themselves fairly openly. People who might otherwise feel disenfranchised or misrepresented, even under-represented in society and so called "normal" media now have the ability to represent themselves. When I approach it that way, I really respect the web. It has the potential to be a pretty powerful tool. Sure, people without computers and some sort of browser are still out of the loop, and many who are in the loop don't necessarily utilize the possibilities of the web, and those who do might be obnoxious, boring, tacky or dumb, but the resources are there. It's pretty cool.
What has anyone really got to say? I don't feel that I have the duty to really say anything, but the whole idea of having my own spot on the web is to show off some of my artwork and photography because, hey, it's what I do. I also want to show people what I like about the web, and I got a big old heaping helping of links to sites I've found which inform me, amuse me, abuse me and impress me. I have a friend who put his views about writing for the web up on his page, and if I were to go by his guidelines, i'd be guilty of the clichés, I've got pictures of my cats, pictures of me, even still more pictures of me and other personal drivel. But I don't know that I'm obliged to do something "different" simply to do something different. I mean, I'm misanthropic enough as it is.
It's got plenty. Aside from the copious links pages, and aside from the photography and artwork, it's got the fact that I've put a lot of energy into it, and that I've had a lot of fun with it. It's got a strange sense of humor about everything, and in that respect, it's a pretty accurate reflection of who and what I am. I've gotten a lot of responses to my pages, some resoundingly positive, others mildly critical, and one or two negative responses. I take it all with a grain of salt, but sure, I love that i've gotten a positive reaction or two. Never hurts to gloat a little. Hopefully I'm entertaining a few people.
Well, I haven't done too much on this webpage lately. No excuses, just haven't been visited by the wacky web-muse... I'm moving to San Francisco, (along with everyone else, it seems) sometime in the next few months. Hopefully I will also find some sort of gainful employment up there, instead of ending up picking through garbage to earn my keep. I'm toying around with my very own Web 'zine, a project involving many contributors, plenty of juicy interviews and fabulous graphics (but of course)... I'm not entirely sure when all of that will finally come together and be finished, but it's something i'm doing. Keep your eyes peeled for more information about that. I got a scanner recently, too, so my life should be perfect. Hair's still freakishly pink, if that counts for anything... So, in the near future, expect to see more samples of my artisticism on these pages. It's about time, 1998 and all that. Oh yeah, anyone know of any good Doomsday cults to join?

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U P D A T E D : January 1998
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