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All About You,
(You Vain Freak!)

Anime HeadPurity Tests!!!
Rate Yourself, You Naughty Web-Surfer!
Rob Brezny's Real Astrology
Rob Brezny's Weekly Horoscope.
Technicolor BuddhaThe Kiersey Temperment Sorter
INFJ? ESTP? A Jungian Personality Test for People In The Know
HAW HAW!Are You A Smartypants? I.Q. Test
Which does not belong? apple, orange, you, grape - Surprise! It's YOU!
Cool Random Stuff
Big EYE!Otaku Patrol Group
Not a militia group. Geeks rule!
Foetus ArtF O E T U S
Another brilliant page devoted to JG Thirlwell
grecian formula for men!The Encyclopedia Mythica
Go check out Stars and Constellations, too!
CHEEESE!The House Of Fun!
Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer's Brill Homepage!
Whopping Huge Collection of Wondermous PEZ stuff!
keroppi!The OFFICIAL Sanrio Site!
a marvel of multimedia funtastic sanrioness!
Read Alla BoutitThe B U T T Page
The Infamous Butt Page. 'Nuff Said.
John ShaftS H A F T.
That black private dick that's a sex machine to all the chicks!
GodZiLLa!Temple Of Godzilla!
Godzilla is superfly. Cooler than SHAFT.
SRL guySurvival Research Laboratories
Survival Research Laboratories is so incredible that they were questioned in the Unabomer case!


Archie McPhee!Hollerin' Boy!
Outfitters Of Popular Culture
Atomic Booksmeow meow SQUISH!
"Literary Finds for Mutated Minds"
Good Vibrations!Bettie!
promoting sexual health&pleasure since 1977
Retail Slut!Witchy Bondage Gal
World's Greatest Slut Shop
Wild and FREE!wild!
This place has EVERYTHING! You name it!
Stormy Leather!l'il leather boobie!
Brilliant Leather Designs
The Stockroom!Bettie!
All sorts of toys for Naughty Boys and Girls.

Must-See Sites:
Urban Decay
Cosmetics for freaks. Weird colors!

Font-a-licious Fonts
All kinds of excellent fonts, all free.
Jim Rose Circus Sideshow
You know who he is. Lalapaloser.
Circumcision, Anyone?
Boys, watch out for your package.
BINGO clap, clap, NGO
Web Bingo is weird. Not enough Old People.
The Oracle of Bacon
What's Kevin Bacon got to do with it? Everything.
Cult of the Dead Cow
are you truly *DOWN* with this, you "cyberpunk"?
C o c k t a i l
Wondrous weekly cocktail recipes
Worst Of The WEB
Obligatory. Admire the Badness.
The Scary World of Jack Chick.

Grownups Only, Please
That brill glossy fetish mag from the UK
one fish, two fish, red fish, Blowfish!
A great catalog, some fiction even!
<<O>> magazine
Another peachy Fetish Mag, ONLINE
take a gander at some of my friends' pages!

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