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mistress Kamio! okay then, fine, You Win. I'm 26. I live in San Francisco. My turn-ons are: Moonlit walks on the beach, Honesty, Arson, Warm toes, and Squid. My turn-offs are: Normals, Pink-boys, False-Prophets, Flakes, Tweekers, Mundanes, and People taking me too seriously. Hmm. I guess, in some sense, it's a virtue, not taking oneself too seriously. I grew up in Santa Cruz, my parents were hippies, my mom sang and played guitar, my dad was a fairly successful painter as well as a really good musician. He sort of embodied the whole "crazy artist" cliché pretty well. He taught me how to paint when I was a couple of years old. I was a serious tomboy, and got into trouble a lot throughout my childhood.
I guess the only area in life where I do tend to take my self semi-seriously is in my creative expression. Art. Photography. All that. It's really all i can see myself doing. I collect fortunes from fortune cookies, as well as Pez dispensers, Female action figures, Pokemon, Sanrio® stuff , gargoyles and LPs. Obey me, or something  I geek a lot. I travel as much as I can, to exotic locations such as Fresno, Buellton, Placentia, Walla Walla, and Oakland. My dream is to someday own everything JG Thirlwell has ever done. I went to Art School some, Both in CA and Kansas City, at KCAI. I didn't like it there, so I quit. I went to Cabrillo college, as well. I liked that.
I had my first one-woman gallery showing in 1988, when I was 14. It was an interesting experience, and I sold rather a few pieces. I had another one-woman show in 1990. I've had my work in various group exhibitions as well, paintings, collages, and most recently, photography. I wish I was producing more photographic work, but the fact that I don't currently have a darkroom discourages me. I've been geeking since about 1990, when I was introduced to the wonders of Unix and gasp! Mudding, and I've been a geek grrl ever since. I was loosely affiliated with the whole UCSCB crowd, seems so long ago, which makes me a Quasi-B-Geek. It seems like most of my affiliations are pretty loose. I tend to dabble, i'm most interested in gathering knowledge and interesting experiences. submit to your mistress

My brain feels like strained carrots.

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U P D A T E D : February 1999