[Unitedwespeak] Toastmaster Dues Due

Crane, Ian ian.crane at bankofamerica.com
Wed Mar 10 17:47:03 PST 2004

Executive Summary:
Please send a check for $18, payable to Team Bank of America, to my new mail
drop CA5-705-09-41, by Friday March 19, or give the check to me at one of
the next two UnitedWeSpeak Friday meetings.

More detail if you need it:
Toastmaster dues are due at the beginning of October and the beginning of
April. The money is gathered in a Team Bank of America account, which in
turn is used to make one club payment to Toastmasters International. Making
the payment on or before April 1st gains the Club a merit point (analagous
to Spirit Points as I understand it).

Many thanks!
- Ian

Treasurer, United We Speak Toastmasters Club

Ian Crane
VP, Consultant - Applications Programming
PIMS Sourcing and Extracts
Risk Management Technology

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