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Bob - 

I like this plan much better.   I like the one day of the week concept -
Fridays - and the every other week concept.  Hopefully it may help pull
members in down here too as there are more meetings.

See you at noon today with my speech.  One nice thing I expect the group to
be a little different, so this may be new to some people.


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To all:

One of the complaints I have been hearing is that the meeting schedule is
too complex.  Your officers have discussed a new schedule which we think
will work out better, but we need your approval.

Here is the proposal:

The proposal is that we meet the first and third Fridays of every month at
315 Montgomery and the second and fourth Fridays at 1455 Market, beginning
with October.  For the remainder of this month, we will meet Friday, October
19, at 1455 Market.  The meeting for Thursday, October 25 is cancelled,
partly due to the Western Region speaking competition being held in Las
Vegas that week.  

The only exception to the new schedule is that the fourth week meeting in
October will be held Thursday 10/23 rather than Friday 10/24, so that we can
have a joint meeting with Eddie Lopez's club in Phoenix (see previous

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other
officers.  We would like your vote (yes or no, preferably via email) by the
end of September.

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