[OpenCM] Lock folder during build

Tom Pohl tom.pohl at Remedy.COM
Tue Jul 20 06:27:44 PDT 2004


We had the same problem. So, early on, we decided not to use the ACT folder
in the reconfigure properites for integrate projects.  The projects
reconfigure solely on the Integrated Tested Tasks folder. Right before the
build starts, we copy the contents of the ACT folder to the ITT folder.  All
the projects then build on the same set of tasks.

Afterwards, we copy the ITT folder to a static folder so we have an archive
of what tasks went into a build.


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has anybody a good idea how to lock the "All completed task folder" for an
prep for integrate project during a build? 

I was thinking about changing the corresponding folder template from
automatic to manual updates ...

The reason is that we have a fairly large project hierarchy where some
projects have to be reconfigured after others have been built. The later
reconfigure triggers another update of the folder which sometimes leads to
inconsistencies if tasks have been completed during the build.

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