[OpenCM] Lock folder during build

bastian.schlueter at exgate.tek.com bastian.schlueter at exgate.tek.com
Wed Jul 21 09:46:28 PDT 2004

Hi Tom,

I found a way to lock the folder (at least in 6.2sp1):


ccm attr -m add_tasks_manually -v TRUE folder_id


ccm attr -m add_tasks_manually -v FALSE folder_id

to lock/unlock the folder. The use of ccm attr prevents the disassociation
of the folder from the template.


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> Bastian,
> We had the same problem. So, early on, we decided not to use 
> the ACT folder
> in the reconfigure properites for integrate projects.  The projects
> reconfigure solely on the Integrated Tested Tasks folder. 
> Right before the
> build starts, we copy the contents of the ACT folder to the 
> ITT folder.  All
> the projects then build on the same set of tasks.
> Afterwards, we copy the ITT folder to a static folder so we 
> have an archive
> of what tasks went into a build.
> -Tom
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> Subject: [OpenCM] Lock folder during build
> Hi,
> has anybody a good idea how to lock the "All completed task 
> folder" for an
> prep for integrate project during a build? 
> I was thinking about changing the corresponding folder template from
> automatic to manual updates ...
> The reason is that we have a fairly large project hierarchy where some
> projects have to be reconfigured after others have been 
> built. The later
> reconfigure triggers another update of the folder which 
> sometimes leads to
> inconsistencies if tasks have been completed during the build.
> ciao
> 	Bastian
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