[joe-frank-list] the German in 'Dreams of the river'

professor ned ned at stromkern.com
Tue Oct 26 06:03:43 PDT 2021

> On Oct 26, 2021, at 2:53 PM, russellbell at gmail.com wrote:
> 2 in the German subreddit tell me it’s an Austrian accent.  Is 'futt' Austrian?

I’ve never encountered it in the wild myself; research suggests it is Rheinisch, which is def. not Austrian, but maybe the Redditors can confirm/deny?

The speaker's accent certainly sounds Austro-Bavarian to me.

> ...your teeth, oh, how they bite, how they twitch
> hot and terrible on my armpits….

DeepL breaks down here; “Achsel” is probably better translated with “shoulder” in this context, and “zucken” maybe more like “jerk” or “quiver”.

But anyways, yes, just sweet nothings.


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