[joe-frank-list] the German in 'Dreams of the river'

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Tue Oct 26 05:53:17 PDT 2021

	Thanks, Professor Ned!  You're a star.  It looks like sweet
nothings to me.  I have speculated that Joe clipped it from a German
film, perhaps soft-core porn.  2 in the German subreddit tell me it's
an Austrian accent.  Is 'futt' Austrian?

	Armory bungles attachments: it translates < into &lt; , > into
&lt; , inserts unnecessary &quot; , sometimes turns & into &amp; (as
in turning &nbsp; into &amp;nbsp;) - does anyone know how to fix this?
Whom to contact?

	Here's DeepL's translation:

"...I'm not ashamed, I have no feeling of shame, only fright...I'm
frightened, as you said...such a very deep fright is in me...is that
love, do you think, the fright? the longing? the feeling I have that I
want to melt into you...I want to merge into you, no longer be me, but
become you....

I feel such a longing, such a wild longing, that you should...that you
should rule me, that you should hit me, hurt me, push into me...this
must be love...I love you, yes, yes, do it again, more, more...don't
let me go...don't let me....

You, are you my lover? Do you want to be my lover? Can you touch me
like this, like this, your tongue, it's all hot, and
rough... You... it's like an animal, like this, with you licking it
down my neck, I feel it, I can feel it, all inside my soul, inside,

So...can you feel how hot my skin is? Are you scared? I am too...but
I'm not ashamed, I don't regret it, I can't regret it, I feel you
everywhere...always...forever, I'll never forget you, never, I want to
keep your impression, your thighs, your muscles, your bones...your
hardness, your butt...your teeth, oh, how they bite, how they twitch
hot and terrible on my armpits....

Lover, more, more, hold me like this, and tell me that you love me,
tell me that I'll be the only one, forever, always...my lover...now
I'm crying too, now the tears are coming....

russell bell

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