[joe-frank-list] the German in 'Dreams of the river'

russellbell at gmail.com russellbell at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 04:50:55 PDT 2021

	Quoth Professor Ned: 'I've never encountered it [die Futt] in
the wild myself; research suggests it is Rheinisch, which is def. not
Austrian, but maybe the Redditors can confirm/deny?'
	Redditor Klapperatismus wrote, 'die Futt -- cunt (Austrian) ,
der Fott / der Futt -- ass (Rhenish)' de.wiktionary doesn't have it.
	So it's 'deine Futt' - 'your cunt'?  If it's a woman talking
to a man, not what I expected.
	Klapperatismus and another Redditor both volunteered that the
voice sounds like a male falsetto.
	Joe credits no other actors in 'Dreams of the river'.  I
speculate that he took this from a German (perhaps Austrian) soft-core
porn movie, may have not understood exactly what was going on.

russell bell

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