[joe-frank-list] 'Streetwise'

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Sat May 15 07:05:52 PDT 2021

	'Basically time is just a dimension of the universe...' a
'homeless' fellow delivers a monologue on time, sound, music ('there
are those who use music to kill people'); people made fun of him after
he came out to California (in a dream, America is a big dog, Los
Angeles a giant tick sucking out its blood); geneticists and computer
scientists have developed perfect clones.  He hates garbage.  His
adoptive mother tried to rape him.  When he was in Hawaii he got the
word from outer space that he was the 'self-proclaimed king of the
universe' (some of this was re-used in 'Dreamland: a compilation')
(I've listened to a lot of homeless people in downtown LA - this guy
talks coherently (his ideas are nonsense), more like an actor playing
a part.)
	10:20: 'No one can dare say for sure one way or the other that
a the universe is finite or infinite...' a different guy talks about
the universe, how he dropped out of Brooklyn College, is a bit
autistic, dropped out (1987), spent nights on the street.  He's living
in Baltimore, gives advice on the street, sometimes goes to Washington
	19:50: The first guy is back, tells the story of a fellow
going down a road, seeing a group beating a corpse, allegedly because
of his debts.  The fellow paid off the corpse's debts; the corpse came
back as a beggar who helped the fellow become rich.  (This is an
example of a 'Grateful dead' folk tale.)
	22:50: The second guy wants there to be a Nobel prize for


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