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Thu May 20 05:25:18 PDT 2021

	'Tell me about this big thrill...' says a man, a tarot card
reader, to a woman caller who longs for a relationship with a man but
won't start talking to any of them.  She sees them in stores, on the
street; she imagines that they're fascinated with her; she imagines
that a state trooper sneaks into her apartment, rearranges her stuff
as a message to her.  In addition to reading tarot the guy gives
common-sense advice, such as that she should strike up conversations
with men she likes, go out more often.

	17:40: A guy calls the tarot reader, wondering if this other
man loves him.

	20:10: A woman calls him as a wrong number; he insists on
reading her cards.

	23:20: (Not on the tarot hotline) A guy remembers his father,
how much he misses him (he's dead), how he could always rely on him,
talk to him about anything.  The father commandeered a street-sweeper
in Georgia, drove it into a cemetery.  He misses his friends too, dead
and alive.  He talks about a picture in his room looking at him,
over-hearing pay phone conversations.  (re-used in 'Dreamland: a

	Joe re-used 'Hotline' as the second half of 'Phone therapy',
the first half of which is 'When I'm calling you'.

	Richard Looney (and all his heirs, including WFMU) puts Davis
Black in the cast of this show.  joefrank.com puts him in the cast of
'Men of the cloth' and 'Prayer remix'.  jfwiki puts him in the cast of
'Hotline', 'Phone therapy', and 'Prayer (remix)'.  'Prayer (remix)' is
'God' followed by 'Prayer' - Black can't be in the first without being
in one of the last two.  I don't hear the tarot card reader of the
first 3 segments in 'God' or 'Prayer'.  I don't recognize the voice of
the guy in the fourth segment.  I can't find any evidence of a likely
Davis Black on the Internet.  There are tarot card hotlines.


russell bell

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