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	All the content in this show is re-used.

	'Basically time is just a dimension of the universe...' a
'homeless' fellow delivers a monologue on time, energy, the universe,
sound, California, Los Angeles (which he calls a giant
tick)... (originally in 'Streetwise')
	10: 'Alice don't know me that well' protests a woman to a
crazy 'preacher' (prankster David Franks) who wants to come over for a
séance.  (originally in 'Prayer')
	16:30: A guy worries that he's psychotic, complains that
people think he's gay.  (originally in 'Loner').
	26:40: Crazy preacher (David Franks) calls a person (sounds
like a woman to me; preacher addresses him/her as 'brother'), leads
him/her in a crazy prayer ('Clytemnestra's daughter ... African
Eurasian tiger pussycat'...).  (originally in 'A natural disaster').
	35: Excerpts from 'Dial-a-prayers' (originally in 'Prayer')
	42: A woman (Grace Zabriskie) talks about bliss, which comes
upon her unawares, for no discernible reason, how much she likes it,
how it makes her life worth living.  (originally in 'Prayer')
	45: A guy reads tarot cards over the phone. (originally in
	49:40: A guy remembers his father, how he could always rely on
him.  The father commandeered a street-sweeper in Georgia, drove it
into a cemetery.  (originally in 'Hotline')
	54:20: A guy too wasted to find his motel stays at another.
(originally in 'Loner')

	The 'NPR Playhouse' version identifies it as 'Dreamland',
credits David Franks, William Reinert, and Grace Zabriskie, with
special thanks to Stanley.
	Reinert's only other credit is 'Streetwise' - could he have
played the homeless guy?  The character sounds too well-spoken to me.
I've been talked at (they never want to listen) by street people in
downtown LA and on the beach.  This guy sounds logical, like an actor
playing a part.  I can't find him in movies, TV, on- or off-Broadway
or a likely person in duckduckgo.
	No other show that lists Stanley in the cast.  A first name
only could be a way to credit an actual crazy homeless person (who
couldn't consent legally).
	I've never found an attribution for the guy in 'Loner'.
	There is no content from 'Dreamland'
http://jfwiki.org/index.php?title=Dreamland in this show.  All the
other remixes & compilations have content from the show with the
original title.


russell bell

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