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	'Dreamland' first appears in 'The Decline Of Spengler'.
Hoffman left behind a map of Florida with possible locations for the
Fountain of Youth marked on them.  Joe visits them, 'Dreamland' last.
Hoffman described it in his journal, left behind a ticket on a rocket
at the park that supposedly could travel faster than the speed of
light.  Joe takes the ticket.  The rocket crashes into a swamp in a
dystopian future.
	'Dreamland' next appears in the show 'Dreamland': Joe's
favorite wrestler, Mr Capitol, bought all the organic farms on Long
Island, built a theme park, 'Dreamland'.  Later Dr Ostrowsky (sp?) and
his wife have surreal experiences, including a visit to 'Dreamland',
now in ruins.
	In 'The Dictator (Part 2)' 'Dreamland' is a district in the
city (un-named), wealthier and better-appointed.
	There is no mention of 'Dreamland' in 'Dreamland: A
Compilation'; it's all re-used material, none from the show

russell bell

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