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	Actors read singles' ads; could be actual ads.

	1:40: (Jazz music) Joe tells of training for the Olympic
decathlon, how strong he is.

	2:50: (Disco music) He tries to study, but can't, goes to a
club.  He meets the Georgette the former head cheerleader.  They
dance, go to the beach, make love.  A few weeks later Joe gets
terribly sick with a venereal disease.

	7: Doris and Philip are on the beach; he ogles a girl, she
reacts jealously.

	8:30: Actors read more singles' ads.

	9:50: Joe addresses a large audience in a stadium, tells them
about perfect love, apparently how to achieve it.

	13:10: (Oompah band music) At a restaurant a guy (sounds like
Arthur Miller) says that Freud was affected by what he ate.  A number
of different actors talk about German/Austrian food and the ancient

	15: Another couple (Doris & Philip?) at a restaurant talk
about what to eat; they come onto each other, then get into an
argument about what he has on his chin.

	16:40: ''Til you're gone'

	17:40: Joe's riding on a train; the stops sound like a train
north of NYC, ending up in Newburgh.  He's back in the town he grew up
in, goes to his mother's home; she berates him for not having written,
but it turns out to be the wrong address.

	21:20: Joe's in battle, sounds like WW1 - a brigade of women
in bathrobes attacks.  He knocks one into a washing machine, which
kills her.

	23:20: Joe's at his mother's home, gets into an argument about
his getting a job, not believing in God.

	25:30: ''Til you're gone'

	26: Doris and Philip are happy with their day; she's romantic,
he fears he can't perform, which frustrates her.  They can't agree.

	30:30: ''Til you're gone'
	30:50: Actors read more singles' ads.

	31:50: A guy (Arthur Miller?) talks about getting in touch
with feelings, how the failure to do that causes so much of the
problems of modern society.  Others join in the discussion: it's the
consciousness-lowering group.  (originally aired in 'Arena' - or is
it the other way around?  They're both 1979.)

	37:30: Joe recounts falling in love with pianos.  (The first
piano was a the 'hungry i' in Chicago, Joe says; the 'hungry i' was in
San Francisco.  It was a *great* club!
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungry_i) He fell hardest for a piano in
Palm Beach, slept in her.  Later he makes millions on the stock
market, goes back for it, promises to save her, love her eternally.
'A kiss is just a kiss' accompanies the end.

	43:20: An announcer reading a news story recounts how
high-ranking Nazis escape after WW2, some to South America, some
convert to Judaism, even becoming rabbis, some to Roman Catholicism.
(Tchaikowsky's Symphony 6)

	45:50: Joe asks if she remembers a train ride into the
mountains (some are Austrian Alps); they collect the stuff people on a
train riding to a concentration camp, keep as souvenirs.  They're
about to make love when Joe protests he was merely a minor

	48:30: Actors read more singles' ads.

	50:10: The consciousness-lowering group talks about the
difficulties of relationships, critically evaluate Doris & Philip's
relationship, the story of Joe returning home.

	54:50: ''Til you're gone'

	Year: 1979

	Cast: Arthur Miller, Robin Bartlette, Tim Jerome, Bernie
Mantell, Irene Wagner, Eric Sears, Rosemary Foley, David St. James,
Marcel Rosenblatt, Joe Frank

	Music: This episode has a theme song, ''Til you're gone',
performed by Arthur Miller (according to the 'NPR playhouse'
announcer), accompanied by harmonica and guitar.  It sounds like a
real country song.  I excerpted it from the show, have it on my

	The peaceful piano at 1120 and 3901 seconds (elsewhere?) comes
from Thomas Newman's score for 'Little women' (1995), the 'Valley of
the shadow' scene.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5KLL4i9QWI How
did Joe get music composed in 1995 in a show in 1979?  He was a
genius!  Or Newman re-used music he wrote earlier, either for another
film or a 'serious' piece of music.  Maybe Joe composed it in the
first place and Newman plagiarized him!
is the clip from Joe's show.

	An excerpt of the 'Casablanca' score, based on 'A kiss is just
a kiss', accompanies the 'falling in love with a piano' segment.

	An excerpt from the third movement of Tchaikowsky's Symphony 6
accompanies the escaped Nazis segment.

	I haven't identified the other music.

russell bell

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