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	Joe tells of being a televangelist.  He invented a new
religion, wrote his own revision of the Bible, was on TV around the
clock, became immensely popular, got tired of it, drove off one night,
ran out of gas in the desert, his car exploded into flame but was not
consumed; later, he got in, drove back to his compound.
	14: '10 × 10' by 808 State
	15:10: Joe tells of a man cursed with eternal life.
	20:40: 'Go faster' by Propellerheads
	21: Joe tells story of rich man who wants to keep his daughter
away from a beggar, so he recruits a prince to come to marry her.  He
falls in love with the prince so he chucks his daughter into a wood
chipper; he and the prince live happily ever after.  No one could find
a moral in this story.
	27:40: Joe tells of a learned rabbi who, because of his
failure to find a moral in that story, falls in love with Dixieland
jazz, moves to New Orleans.
	31:50: Joe says the story needs no explanation, 'explains'
this in doubletalk.
	33:30: A cantor sings a prayer over 'Go faster'.
	37:20: Joe tells of a rabbi's (a different one than the one at
27:40) wife who sleeps with everybody in town.  When the rabbi
confronts her she takes offense, packs her stuff and leaves.
	43:40: Joe tells of a hermaphrodite and eunuch who share a
hotel room.  The hermaphrodite happily makes love to itself; the
eunuch reads and goes for walks.  They disapprove of each other.  The
eunuch buys a ticket to Minsk; the rabbi's wife gets on the train.
	47: Joe asks what we learn from this story, offers some parody
	48: A cantor sings a prayer over 'Go faster'.
	52:30: Joe says people take pills; he says he takes
	53: '10 × 10' by 808 State
	54:10: Joe describes what's on the Red Sea, including a crew
from Harvard and a yeshiva.
	57:10: '10 × 10' by 808 State

	Cast: Joe Frank
	Music: '10 × 10' by 808 State , 'Go faster' by Propellerheads,
a cantor singing a Hebrew prayer

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